Recession forcing unhappy couples to stay together

Recession forcing unhappy couples to stay together, says family lawyer -> … 67873.html

I wouldnt worry. Plenty of them will reconcile. People walk out of marriages too easily these days.

You’re probably right (to a degree), but there are also bound to be a large number of cases where the marriage is genuinely over and one or both parties is physically/emotionally abusive. Ah well… at least they can recieve the sacrament.

Anyone who got married in the last ten years is probably still paying for the wedding, never mind the house.

Can you just imagine that the woman you’re shacked up with is a bunny boiler or the man you married still speaks to his dead mother.

A ‘top’ lawyer, eh?

I got married 6 years ago and we saved for the wedding and didnt do stupid things such a half a feckin florist shop in the church etc and we paid cash on the nail for everything no credit and thank goodness we did as I know people who spent €30K + and borrowed to do it jeesh Im still mortified when I think of it as they’ll be paying it back for years and some of them are not together anymore. :open_mouth:

There’s nothing like a good crisis to bring a family closer together.

Huh… that is strange. I also did not take any loans for wedding, we did not even buy any property and yet I feel like I will be paying it for years…

Unhappy couples as in Brian and John? Shame.

Many a true word spoken in jest.

Yeah stickin like shite to a blanket. :angry:

See! There’s your problem!

Just think how much better your life could have been if you had been an SUV-driving, Prada-bag wearing, property developing Mormon!

I wonder is “top” lawyer Eugene speaking out of real compassion for the couples involved or is he maneuvering for some kind of bailout to get “liquidity” flowing into his business again

Forget about the emotional trauma of a failed marriage for all involved including children (whether it ends in divorce, separation, or the live together option explained by Eugene), the real trauma would be if they had to live in rented accommodation

Oh, well then.

I’m sure debts can be split up just as easily as assets by the courts dealing with the divorce cases.

I couldn’t see anybody staying in a relationship that they didn’t want to be in, due to the downturn.

Why don’t couples buy two houses? One could be rented out as an investment until it is needed by one spouse later.

Or they could just build extra large ones with rooms they don’t yet need and turn it into a semi d once they splt.

Its funny, one of my wifes favourite movies is a piece of fluff called Under The Tuscan Sun. Its about a bird whose hubby cheats an gets the house and she moves into rented accomodation named by one of her friends as “Camp Divorce” which shows even in the movies they sometimes attach (or try) a stigma with renting. I mean whats wrong with this picture? :sick:

Rented Accommodation! The Humanity! Oh GOD the humanity! Won’t somebody think of the children!

FFS :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

It’s ironic but she sounds like the one to keep.