Recession. What recession? It's already over.

According to Goodbody’s we have alreday exited recession! :open_mouth:

How long before we see ‘Recession Over - Time To Buy’ headlines ?

Because of NAMA, the banking recession is coming to an end.
Unfortunately, the taxpayer recession has a long, long way to go. … r_Day.aspx

1 Q of non-negative growth = definition of technical end of recession?

And whats your definition of sleek suited smart mouthed money grabbing scumbag bastards?

woah woah woah - “sleek suited”? Somebody hasn’t spent much time around the Irish broker crew…


I try to avoid them, people who believe their own publicity frighten me with their ignorance , as someone who works as a life broker I can do without them.

Am I the only one that feels that Dermot O’Leary has a face that almost demands a good smacking - not to mention needing a note from his mother as to why he is out alone ?

Little fucker put out a statement some two years ago in which he said …‘this tiger will roar for another ten (or 15) years’ -can’t link the thing at present but if I ever meet him on the street I will probably need to be dug out of that fucking eejit.

Here he is in 2006 -> … 678812.ece

and in 2007 -> … Dermot.doc

Lovely to have that on record. How wrong they were. So called experts. Gobshites.

This “shock & awe” of spin campaign is going to backfire badly when public sector unions refuse to take anymore paycuts because “the recession is over”.

Exactly… or when AIB look to make a few hundred redundant and it’s pointed out to them that their own subsidary thinks the recession is over…

Sometime it’s best to say nothing at all… Goodbody should pay heed to this from time to time :wink: