Recommend a Dublin surveyor

I’ve only gone and bloody done it (after about 6 years of reading the Pin). So would appreciate if anyone has a personal recommendation of a surveyor.


See thread below for info on surveyors and solicitors

get a structural engineer or a qualified architect, or preferably both if you are spending a significant sum.

I used Kevin Woods. I was happy with him.

Thanks - will have a look at the surveyors mentioned.

Very calm and happy with the decision now. While I’m 100% sure we’ll have overpaid compared to next year and the year after, we’ve got the perfect house in the perfect location and I was happy to pay a bit extra to secure that. And to never have to look at myhome ever again.

BALLSY! #thepropertypump :smiley:

Congratulations. I agree it is worth paying a bit extra to get the home you want. If nothing else think opf the wages you would have to pay yourself to continue trawling websites and viewing houses.

:laughing: You will… just to see… just a quick look…

Thanks! Not to mention the insane rent we were paying just to live in a decent family home while our deposit sat in the bank.

No way. That site is dead to me now. Now the PPR - I’m sure I will have a little peek at that now and again.

I still look everyday - sadly

rule of thumb for when to use either, rather than a surveyor?

When you are planning on putting in a non obvious extension.