Recommend an architect

Dear property pin experts,

I hope you can assist. I am looking for an architect to draw up plans for an extension to a small (1000 sq ft) semi D ex-council house in D9. The plans would be to extend to the side of the house a few m on ground and first floor to help accomodate a small bathroom and utility room, plus knock down the old scullery kitchen and build a new 30sq m kitchen extension at the back. In addition, the whole house needs to be completelty renovated. It is in a state. Everything must be replaced/renewed. Rewired, new heating, new plumbing, rads, new windows and doors. Maybe new floors. Insulation all round. Dont want a glass box stuck on the back.
Im looking for an architect that can plan something sensible, good quality, price range medium, eh I really mean modest. I mean, no mad hairbrained schemes or top end brand names stuff, just good quality. Has anyone got any recommendations. Also if you would care to advise on possible costs for such a scheme, I would be most appreciative… Thanking you all.

Try to sit down and answer all these questions realistically:

Check out the RIAI practice directory:

Make a shortlist from looking at their websites. Speak with these architects and see if any of them stand out. Many architects will do a quick sit down and discuss a project. Ask if you could speak with previous clients as a reference.

Alternatively, if you’ve seen an extension that you like - talk with the owner directly or check the planning documents for who designed it.