Recommendations on building surveyors and perhaps architects


Just looking at what other people have used and would recommend?

Came across this list of surveyors for Dub from the SCS: … t&pageID=1

but wondering which one?

Also, any architects?


Anyone pls!!!

what’s it for?

What he said! There is a list of RIAI registered practices in Dublin here, but it’s hard to know what you’re looking for. Some practices only do high end, big budget stuff, some specialise in green technology, some are conservation specialists, some pride themselves on being small scale, personal service. Need a bit more info.

… um, that’s why I asked the Q - little point in recommending anyone for anything until you know what the job is…

Thanks guys. Going to put an offer on a house very soon and I’ve started to line up solicitors, surveyors etc…

So, looking for a good surveyor, honest and swift, who can do a proper residential survey and provide clear, impartial and expert advice.


I meant what you said - was just elaborating why more info was needed :wink:

Propertyhealthcheck . Quick efficient good value and he will walk you through everything at the end in the property itself

This is great thank you.

Just wondering how long did it take from inspection to delivery of report?

And what’s the general consensus regarding surveys i.e. do it before putting offer or after?


Anyone used this crowd before for house surveys pls? Any feedback much appreciated.

PKT Consulting Engineers Ltd


Late to the party but as of now they apparently have so much business that they can’t be bothered with the ‘little people’ anymore.

That doesn’t stop them making you write up, in detail, what you’re looking for only to be told afterward that they have too much work to take your money. :imp:

Trust me , you’re as well off.

Hoping to bid on a period house soon and looking for recommendations for dublin based builders and architects please.

Builders are back busy so unless it’s a huge job you can forget about anybody taking on your project.

Just looking for a professional to view the property with us to give us approximate estimates on required and potential works that need/could be done in order to formulate our bidding strategy really.