Recommendations Plumbing Heating Contractor Northside Dublin

Hello Pinsters. I am looking for recommendations for a reputable plumbing/heating contractor in Dublin. This work will involve complete renewal of all plumbing and heating in a house approx. 1,200 sq ft,m gas central heating. I am looking for someone who can also do solar panels for water and a backboiler (solid fuel stove) as a possible option. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.

Can recommend Hugh Doyle
Got a new boiler and water cylinder from him 3 years ago. Friend of mine got him in for new heating, and was as happy as I was. Quality work for appropriate price.

Can fully endorse, have had plenty of work done by them over the years and we used them here in our office recently to upgrade the boiler and improve the insulation. Ring and ask for Tom Mahady. They are based In Killester.

I’d recommend Harris heating, they’ve installed solar, heating n plumbing for us. I’m an m&e consultant so have dealt with a few contractors in my time…

Thank you everyone for your help, much appreciated.