Record year for Dublin office market;s=rollingnews.htm

This report says that there is strong demand for very specific locations and piss poor demand for everything else. I would say this is indicitive of piss poor infrastructure. Either you have your premises on the Luas or City Center or your workers will have to resign themselves to live in their car. Well done Bertie B’Stard.

I work in Park West, which is a good location and 1/2 the place is empty.

Park West is half empty because its a terrible location for an office. Its impossible to get into or out of by car, train, bus or any mode of transport.
Even though its beside the M50, the NRA wont let them put an exit ramp onto the M50. The NRA are really stupid sometimes.

Why the hell should the Tax payers subsidise some plonker developers speculative punt. The land was cheap because everyone knew it was inaccessible, so if it isnt selling thats the speculators problem. Thats why the call it speculation ! :imp:

I’m sure the arrival of all the very fancy (no, really it is) office space that’s coming on line down along the south quays on the old gas works site has helped.

Several of the country’s top legal firms (not short of a bit of cash any of them) have moved into offices there … giving rise the to area being named … sue city!

Blue Horseshoe

Where are you getting subsidise from? The NRA wouldnt even let the developer pay for the exit from their own pocket :open_mouth: It wouldnt cost the “Tax payers” anything.

The NRA persist with this quaint notion that the M50 and other ring roads in Ireland should be used purely for traffic to bypass the city and there should be no commercial development alongside it. Theyre quite clearly living in cloud cuckoo land.

And in 20 years time who will maintain the road surface ?

Do you live in Dublin by any chance ?

Have you ever noticed where the the M50 most often grinds to a halt ?

What’s wrong with this policy? Just interested I can see loads of validity in it but haven’t studied it in huge detail.

Well, you have to ask what the roads are for. Are they just giant bypasses? If so, why allow Finglas, Ballymun, Blanchardstown, Ballymount, Templeogue, etc. to have exits off the M50?

If they’re not giant bypasses, they should serve to remove traffic from other roads in the city. Having a dedicated exit to industrial/office parks would do that.