Redgap, Rathcoole (-175k, -26.9%)

Detached house in Redgap, Rathcoole, reduced by €75k.

Now -

Was -

I think that they have missed the boat with this reduction. If they had done this 12-18 months ago, it may have cut some ice with potential buyers. This is way too little in the current market.

please list the prices in the future so we can keep track of them

was 650k

now 575k

Now €525k


Now €365,000

You’d have to wonder what a fair price for this is. It has been on the market for a long while.

Could this go to 250?

I doubt it could go to €250k. If that is the price that it goes for then all other houses in the vicinity are wildly overpriced (which may be true). It appears to be a good sized family home and priced considerably less than some of similar houses in the area. In short, I have no idea what it will go for or indeed when! :angry:

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Still on…

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Sale Agreed:

I was interested in this property at one stage. Nice to see it close.

Sold for 295k according to … and-46511/