Redline Crossed

An “Irish” government, hell bent on following through at all costs with the replacement migration agenda, to replace the native Irish, are so caught in the headlights, but so desperate or simply so democidaly psychotic that using the consequences of the British (KM) genocide of millions of Irish is the one step too far. Imagine, because flee nazis… you get the idea.

Ministers evoked the history of fleeing Ireland in search of a better life abroad as TDs gave statements to the Dail on housing asylum seekers across the country.

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The thing is people have been fleeing for decades, so many Irish fled the pandemic (and new arrivals too) covid lockdown camping, fled the housing bubble boom and bust, fled the shytness of the 80’s, it looks like Ireland was never actually free ever of the Menace.

There are no more sharks left to jump.

Meanwhile 1 in 3 of our young will emmigrate for a better life again because of this uncontrolled immigration insanity into a small country.

We’re the ones who stayed. He can fuck off.
Irish emigration abroad (at times forcibly, like Oz) does not mean we’re obliged to take in migrants. From countries that the Irish didn’t even emigrate too.