Reduced they say. Property Bee says no.


I have been using the Property Bee on daft since 9th Feb 2008. I visit the Dundrum Balinteer etc pages at least every second day. So how can this person say REDUCED. How was it reduced? Did they set a price in their head and then reduce it and then advertise after the mental change?
I wonder is this ad illegal.


Here’s the link you forgot to include:

I do find it interesting that they are saying 455k is reduced when this google cache page shows them charging 425k in march: Google Cache Link


The cache is for 29 Mar 2008 00:09:34. So they plainly have not reduced the price. They have plainly increased the price. So this is false advertising. I think I’ll give them a ring in the morning.


Here’s some more info on that: … Co.+Dublin


It was on at €425k with ReMax

Cache from March 2008


Yes they have. They’ve reduced the price by minus €30k.


So they put it up then :nin



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Classic !


Should that be reported as false advertising??


On the face of it, if as the evidence here suggests the price has not in fact been reduced then yes it should be reported.

Blue Horseshoe


The owner probably knows that the place is really “worth” €550k, so to him/her it is a big price reduction. We don’t know how lucky we are to be given this opportunity to buy a bargain.


There is absolutely no point whatsoever contacting ASAI.
You’re talking about websites. ASAI doesn’t do websites.
According to ASAI websites are not Advertisements.

A call to Daft might be more useful.

Also, mention the address a few more times on this thread, so potential buyers googling their potential new address find this page.

135 Southmede, Dundrum,
Dublin 14,
South Dublin City

Once again:
135 Southmede, Dundrum,
Dublin 14,
South Dublin City

I’m stunned already.



So just ot confirm, that’s:

135 Southmede, Dundrum,
Dublin 14,
South Dublin City


The thread title should be edited to include “135 Southmede” too so it is highlighted in search engine results.

e.g. “135 Southmede. Reduced they say. Property Bee says no.”

It’s already #1 in for 135 southmede


[pedantry ]

it is important to stress that you are complaining about a paid for ad on a third party website.

The asai does not regulate lies on an estates agent own website but only where they pay for the ad on another website [/pedantry ]

Best complain about 135 Southmede pronto .


You could also email the Estate Agent and give them the opportunity to fix this obvious oversight.

An EA inflating a price. Obviously an honest mistake.



Looks like our link for 135 Southmede is the second hit on google for 135 Southmede. People looking for 135 Southmede will be delighted that 135 Southmede gets so many hits on google.


Down to number 2 now in google, get clicking

oh yeah, 135 Southmede, really is GREAATTTT value for money :slight_smile:


Isn’t Bertiebasher living in Southmeade?

Hey BB, any chance you could knock on your neighbour’s door and point out the mistake. I’m sure they’d be greatful.



Just got a reply from the Estate Agent.

I genuinely had assumed that they had cut and pasted another ad and the price reduced claim was an oversight. But I was wrong.

You’re going to love this…Here’s the one line reply: