Ref, EXIT POLL - How did you vote?


How did you vote in the Referendum today?

  • Yes - Marriage
  • No - Marriage
  • Yes - Presidential
  • No - Presidential

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Exit Poll on how you voted today.

Please participate and see how we compare with others. Thanks.


Debate and coverage may continue here - viewtopic.php?p=829661#p829661


From the other thread

You would need a referendum for that
Might have been better than the relatively minor issues put before the people.


TI’s exit poll was much better I thought, could it be unlocked?. This one gives clunky results and not that many people care about the presidential age ref.


I made that point here, viewtopic.php?p=829568#p829568




Yes the % are wrong. The 100% is divided between all 4 options. It looks a bit odd.


you need two polls for it to work properly.


Ah yes I see that now.

It would ad further confusion to change it back to the original thread at this point. Apologies if people find it an inconvenience but this thread will be locked by the end of the day so the totals can be analysed out correctly to fix it.

The total votes in brackets do give a clearer picture if you ignore the % if the vote for now.


The presidential votes add up to 50%, the marriage votes add up to 50%, I’m hoping most pinsters can extrapolate from that. :slight_smile:


If there’s ere a spare yes vote lyin around would someone please cast it (or them) for me.

Saw a claim that the scales were being tipped to yes by returning ex pats who were on THE social media. I suppose if Aer Lingus, Ryanair etc. confirm that there was no surge of inbound in the days prior, we still won’t have the figures for foot passengers on the ferries.


I asked the girl who stamped my vote about the turnout.
She said it was about 25% (at 12 noon).

Just to add, I’m of the opinion that all election/referendum days should be holidays.
Or else hold them on Saturdays.


Polls stay open until 10pm, unless you think it woudl be good for the public houses of the land so the people could reflect in friendly surroundings the magnanimity of the day?


I’ve yet to vote but judging by my Facebook feed - the important thing is, not so much to vote YES but to let the whole world know that you’ve voted YES. (They’re actually trying to outdo one another in the self-glorification stakes. One “friend” announced that she had voted, “A Big Fat YES,” complete with a smilie selfie taken outside the polling booth. Surely the Nobel Prize for Humanitarian endeavours awaits such selfless folk…


So judgemental. Are you ‘No’ voter by any chance?


Yes Hifi has been a clearly defined NO voter all the way through.


Well the pinster exit poll is showing a stunningly fabulous YES for gay marriage (I make it 83% in favour at time of post) but a lot less certain about the presidential age in comparison.


Could there be a correlation between the amount of media time one question got over the other. I’d say there is a very strong possibility. Does this point to the power of media when it mobilising before our very eyes to command our attention. Sure. Was it biased? No idea.


I know, it was just my little joke… :slight_smile:


Yes voter here and I agree with him


The way the Media rounded as one on this was quiet staggering…I thought there was rules on the radio for example around splitting air time equally between both sides and the Presenters showing no bias at all. But that has been out the window since day 1. Now I know how people felt living in the old USSR :laughing:
Perhaps this could lead to a legal challenge from the No side in the near future?

I saw an ad in the Sth Dublin Echo from Brid Smith Councillor for PbP…"Beat the Bigots, Vote Yes’.
A stand on Henry St today for the Yes side also had the same message.
Nothing as illiberal as a Liberal…if you don’t agree with me, your a bigot and a homophobe (this last one being a particular favourite of a few of the celebs who were all too keen to get in the news on this referendum).

Never has there being so much media space and noise given to such a small minority in this country before.
Is circa 7% of the population Gay? Half of them are too young or too old to be married. Another high % are playing the field or have no interest in getting married.
So we’re left with maybe 1% of the population who may actually take this up each year…and for that we’ve had around 3 months of constant Media hype, Una Mullally columns etc etc.

Oh if only so much time was devoted to the Housing question in this country or the cost of childcare, what a great place it would be too live in. But those subjects don’t seem to impact on the luvvies in the Media/artistic world much :unamused: