Ref, EXIT POLL - How did you vote?


The things you learn. All those social media accounts may yet out a few “illegitimate” voters. :nin

Between that and a calculated bias in native media that might be stand up in court, possibly result in a genuinely strong legal challenge to a Yes result?


Part of the problem with all of this campaign is the sheer volume of bullshit that has been defecated on the public by both sides. People say a few things on the social media and suddenly it’s gospel (No pun intended). I think you will find that the pick up in economic activity here and increase in visitors to the country means every fucking weekend is busy. Ping some crap up on Twatter and hey ho, bandwagon.


No. Won’t happen. Won’t be significant enough numbers per station (and how to determine station?).

Also, why expect balance in the media apart from RTE? They’ve no obligation to be independent. Look at newspapers in Britain for reference. Independent media take a line based on policy and they have at it. The only pretence at balance should be from RTE, and given the cross-spectrum agreement on the issue at hand, RTE has problems rolling out new talking heads to disagree with the issue whilst there’s no shortage of talking heads to rabbit on about the Yes side. But again, that’s as it should be. The people who want to extend rights, to make love easier, to free our emotions should be in the majority.


Well said.


Broadcast media has the bullshit “balance” obligation from the BAI but newspapers here have no obligation to be balanced.


They don’t doubt the obvious shift in social mores; they question the wisdom of it.


Looks like a few silent no’s out there


From newstalk twitter - Ringsend initial tally 85% yes


There appears to be a rural/urban divide with the results and a clear YES in urban areas but small pockets of NO votes in some rural places.
I’m guessing it’s an age thing.


Not even going to be close, looks like there was a strong silent yes to go with the noisy yes.


Looks like a strong urban and rural YES.

The chatholic church is becoming so out of touch with the populace and or it is becoming largely irrelavent for most people.

This can only be a good thing. :smiley:

Well done Ireland


Looking like a 2:1 result.


Very strong vote for marriage. Unusual in modern societies.




Great results so far. It’s a good day to be Irish!


What is most impressive is the rural YES


Inisbiggle yes 2/ no 10

Down with this sort of thing


I was working at a polling station yesterday.

There was a great buzz and interest in this referendum like no other.

Turnout at my polling station was 66% - highest ever at that location.

Very noticeable turnout of first-time and young voters making their voices heard.

Great to be part of such a historic day.


On reflection, I know many here had their qualms about this going to referendum in the first place (and associated ‘wasted money’, etc.) and while this is certainly a valid point, and it could have seriously backfired for the Yes side, I’m glad of it now. I think in the last few weeks and months there has been a great level of awareness of LGBT people and if anything, even if it got nasty at times, great strives have been made this year in terms of tolerance and acceptance as a result of this nation-wide (and international) conversation. The fact that this has been introduced by way of popular vote is hugely significant and something to be incredibly proud of as a nation - especially as we have been labelled as backwards and highly conservative in the past. Hopefully this will be the beginning of widespread of acceptance of a large group of people into Irish society and the eradication of homophobia in future generations. There must be a great sense of relief today for those affected by the change and perhaps a sense of thankfulness to the masses who voted in their favour.


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