Referrals from AAM

Far from the initial sarcastic link(s), seems like at least one AAM moderator is actually promoting “the pin” as a useful source of information:

On that note there seems to be one or two referrals per day (in the process of locking property threads) - is this reflected in increased traffic?

We hit our peak in traffic around budget day last year…

Ever since the AAM “issue”, site traffic has been considerably up on say the first four months of existence and we’ve had a steady stream of genuine sign ups ever since…

I wouldn’t put it just down to AAM referrals though, the link on Duplex’s blog, Green Bear, Consa & Globalhousepricecrash also help out and I think the fact that we are one of the few surviving links on the Wiki for “Irish Property Bubble”, all contribute!

I’m just waiting for McWilliams to reference us, or perhaps Duplex’s friends at the Irish Times might mention the stellar work that’s going on here…

Because at the pin, it’s all about you, the contributors, you guys make this worthwhile! :wink:

Feel the love for a second there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ve decided not to do any more indymedia pin stories because people seem to have certain preconceptions about that site but we continue to explore other avenues to promote the site and welcome all endorsements!

Thanks! :wink:

I was kindly referred to this forum by a moderator on AAM when he banned me.

That was the moderator who got the ‘Current sentiment’ locked. He had posted a private message to me informing that posting of houses (links to) was not allowed ; even though this had been done for weeks previously. I figure he was in the property market (or his house was posted) and because much of the recent increases was fueled by public sentiment, ( … e_id=15078 ) rather than actual market forces, he wanted to close the thread down.

I actually think the closure of the thread did halt the collapse of the market for a couple of months but could not in itself, do anything with the Spring discount selling season to come.

come on now, lets be somewhat serious…

it ain’t falling anywhere for a while, pride, public pride will make ppl hold onto their properties that little bit longer, no one wants to admitt they are wrong in an invesment, rokkie mistake number one, and we’re all rookies!

Yeah, but people have *already *been holding on since Aug/Sept…

The dam is creaking alarmingly at this stage. I still expect it to burst by Paddy’s Day. Bertie and the lads are probably hoping a wall of VI spin can hold it in place till June and the election is out of the way, but I don’t think they can keep it going that long. Another 5 months? No way. Just look at how much sentiment has changed since August. The whole thing is teetering on the edge of collapse. All we need now is a trigger.

“To hell or to the pin” :wink: