- anyone have experience of this company?

From their website; " is a 100% Irish owned company established to fill a vacuum. Refund will help and encourage individual and corporate entities to pursue legitimate complaints in the area of financial services. Our team of experts will review each case with the aim of achieving a refund and/or compensation. In addition to our financial advisers we have a panel of Solicitors who will enforce our findings through the courts where necessary.

We charge a flat fee up front of €242 to audit each case and a % of the compensation award which is currently 22.5% with the initial flat fee to be refunded. This % is dependent on the size of the refund and settlement award which will be revised downwards on higher awards."

Anyone know anything about these guys or have experience of dealing with them? - i believe they are very new

I am considering contacting them with regard to a family member who (if you’ll excuse my language) had the *ing p taken out of them by a large Irish owned bank when in a very vulnerable position emotionally and financially.

btw - i am not referring to somone making a stupid/ill advised purchase (ie. a mortgage for a house in a property bubble) but rather the delibarate mis-selling of an inappropraite financial product for the pupose of profiting off said family member, at a time when they were under enormous duress.

My solicitor concurs with my view and has suggested going to the Financial Ombudsman as he feels we have a case.

I know nothing about them but if it was me I would go to the Financial Ombudsman as am always suspicious of anyone charging on a percentage of award basis.

Before you agree anything with, talk to they are based in Belfast but operate down here also. They have a long history in negotiating with the banks on over-charging issues.