Refurb budget for >1500sqft

Hi all

I’ve seen a house that has piqued my interest… I have yet to view but if we can make the maths work and it doesn’t throw up any major horrors it could be a runner

If we can get it for about 8% below asking it would give us a budget of €100k to refurb. It’s a big house, and while ideally I’d like to do the clichéd big room with kitchen at the back I fear that a lot of money will have to go into refurb from a very cursory look at online pics.

It’s larger than 1500sqft, early 20th C., signs of a bit of moisture issues, one of which looks like a roof leak around the chimney stack. I anticipate electrical rewiring, new heating and various wear and tear repairs. A bit of minor knocking through and making good, new kitchen (IKEA fan here, so that won’t be a huge expense)+ appliances and bathrooms, carpets/floors and general decorations. Windows will need paint, 6 sash windows to the front will need a bit of work but we might go cheap new ones around the back.

Do you think that €100k is realistic to do this work, barring any major problems? My brother is a builder who can do most of the decorative and the kitchen, I have a relative who’s a glazer and I am a (dormant) design professional so probably will be a bit cheaper. If surveys etc. throw up huge problems I would walk away but if it’s straight forward have I priced enough??

All inputs welcome, it’s a pipe dream at the moment

Thanks, HM

The Building Prices/Costs forum on puts extensions at €150 per sq ft and renovations at €120 per sq ft, from what I can see after reading dozens of threads the past few months. Thats for middle of the road finishes.

I’ll post a more detailed reply when I have my final figures in but ours was about €200/ sqft

That seems right, assuming you’re replacing the kitchen and bathrooms. Even going cheap on the finish I think you’d be lucky to get out at €130k for a house that size, and that’s assuming no remedial works for the damp.

You had fairly substantial remodelling of the structure and also a lot of remediation though, as well as extension, right?

You’re telling me what I feared would be the case :frowning:
I’ll have a look, but it will probably be a money pit! But for me to be even discussing potential house viewings is a start…baby steps

One thing to consider would be staggering the refurb?

As opposed to doing a staggering refurb, like terraincognita :slight_smile:

Yes, I guess there are bits that will need to be done and then bits that will be nice to have but heating, wiring and not being mouldy will swallow up a chunk of the cash, we’ll have to cut the cloth accordingly

Looking at the info supplied. 100K isn’t a huge amount of money if gutting a building but if the building is sound and your tidying up things and getting some fundamental like electrics and heating and like, then 100K goes a long way.

Let’s say 2000 sq ft

Localised moisture issues won’t be super expensive. Rising damp all over the place will cost more, depending. I’ll assume localised and put 2K to that

You’d be mad not to unless it’s pretty new and well installed. Complete rewiring and consumer board say 8K

New boiler, plumbing, not to fancy radiators, no underfloor. Say 8K

Not specific enough

Knocking through a partition wall costs buttons. Knocking a double door through a brick structural wall internally say: 2k if simple. Knocking through a thick rubble wall say 8K

6K if not going mad

5k for a normal 3 bed semi sized to better than cheapo spec (include plumbing, tiles, suite). Bear in mind it’s the plumbing that cost so whether understairs, ensuite, family sized, the plumbing is largely the same

You can figure that one yourself depending on what quality you want. Cost sanding floors at the same price as okay carpets/m2

7K to paint all internal woodwork and walls in decent paint. Assume the surfaces only require light prep - not dipping and the like

7K for refurb and draughtproofing (would cost maybe €1600 each for new, mid-sized, uninstalled). Say 600 each for pvc installed

Builders profit of 20% on the total above.

What about:

hot/cold water plumbing? Mad not to do work now
roof/wall/floor insulation?
roof okay
outside paintwork
chimney survey (if you plan on lighting a fire). Relining 3-6k

Contingency of 10%

All prices ballpark indicative.

The thing is, if you’re going to re-wire and re-plub you basically are going to be pulling floors up and/or putting big holes in the walls. So then you need to replaster at least some of it. And you’d be mad not to insulate while you’re doing all that, which may not be cheap either depending on how you do it.

Hi york

"7K for refurb and draughtproofing (would cost maybe €600 each for new, mid-sized, uninstalled). Say 600 each for pvc installed

Are you estimating 600 euros for a new sash window? If so that’s a pretty good price. Do you have any recommended suppliers? not usre if you are allowed to post company names. If not maybe pm.

PVC sash windows should be outlawed as crimes against humanity. :nin

Yeah, this is why we can’t have nice things. :smiley:

I’m considering a detached refurb at the moment involving an absolute bare minimum of new windows and semi-basement tanking/insulation. But there’s an opportunity to knock some windows into the semi-basement to give me two more well-lit rooms. And I should probably do some earthworks to relieve water pressure on the tanked wall and enable bigger openings. And I’m not overly keen on the random balconies, so I could shift a couple of walls and square things off. And then I’ll probably need a new roof. And sure, the plumbing and electrics are forty years old so I probably ought to sort that out while I’m at it.

In fact it would probably be easier to just knock the damn thing down and build a new house.

oophs I missed the PVC bit.

anyone have any recent prices or experience with wooden sash windows? Medium size around 0.9x1.2m

I am in complete agreement, but we’d probably refurb old ones at the front with a view to replacing in time and stick PVC at the back to give us some semblance of heat proofing…much as it goes against the grain.

Thanks York, you’re making it sound almost do able, it’s the ‘pulling the loose thread’ aspect that eschatologist refers to that worries me. If watching home improvement shows has taught me anything it’s that even well surveyed buildings throw up all sorts of nightmares once you start digging below the surface

This house is very well priced, which leads me to believe that it holds many skeletons (metaphorical ones, actual skeletons I could deal with!)

how about heritage style wooden casement windows. Usually they are checker than sliding sash and you can get ones that have horns to mimic slightly the sash look.

I read to do some research, well worth the time.

Oh yeah. I am just about coming out the other end of a refurb like that. Refurb creep is real!

It’s always going to be incredibly expensive if you want to do a full refurb in one go. It’s very tempting to say well if we’re doing this, then we really should do that so we don’t have to undo work we’ve done at a later point and there’s definitely sense to this if you have the ready cash. However, it is possible to stagger home improvements if you have patience, be very careful about prioritising and figure out the imperfections you can live with for a while.

We’re starting into a similar project (maybe not quite as extensive (we hope)) and it’s scary all right. We’ve had to drop things like windows - they’ll keep till next year, some carpets/ curtains etc. - again, we can live with swirly for a while, we’ll probably do the painting ourselves etc. Also, sometimes it can help to give things a bit of consideration. I want to live in the house for a while before I decide on what to do with the windows - refurb or replace.

With damp make sure to do your own research. Often apparent damp problems can be solved quite easily. Keep a sense of healthy scepticism as there are plenty of damp-proofing companies willing to take your money and it’s not always necessary. How’s the ventilation? Any leaks/ condensation issues? Sort them out first and allow time to see if that solves the problem before getting anything invasive done.

Ditto insulation - research that too and if getting it done, make sure it’s being done right as badly applied insulation can cause big problems for your health and that of your house.

With regard to fit-out, my limited experience so far says be prepared to be utterly shocked at the cost of bathroom fittings. You can easily spend 10k on a bathroom if you want to.

ON the bathroom fittings - they are absolutely ridiculous expensive in this country.

Strongly recommend this crowd:
Prices are significantly lower than here, delivery is quick and reasonably cheap.

Just one example: bought a bathtub there for 890 euro incl. Vat plus 150 delivery (which included other stuff as well, i.e. 2 toilet bowls) on that site, and the cheapest quote for the exactly same bathtub in Dublin (excluding delivery!) was 1390 plus VAT, so about 1700 euro.
I didn’t at the end safe a lot of money by buying there, as I just went for the top-of-the-range stuff instead of cheap&cheerful, which is exactly what you should do when you have a budget to blow :slight_smile: