Refurb cost, advice please (294 South Circular Road)

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Just wondering if anyone would hazard a guess how much this house might cost to refurb?

Thanks in advance


There’s too little to go on there other than hazard. Does it need the roof doing? Or slates removed and replaced even. Does it need repointing? Are you going with cheap pvc or wooden sash windows? Are you planning on extending it at all? Landscaping?


  • little work on roof and no repointing
  • including addition of single storey extension of 200 sq feet to rear
  • half the windows replaced with wooden Rationals, rest restored.
  • all plaster stripped inside and out. External walls/ceilings lined with 80mm+ warmboard
  • half flooring replaced.
  • basic landscaping.
  • not cheap as chips finish throughout

I’d suppose you’d get out for around 80-100K


I’ve been to see this - ask the estate agent for the engineers report. It has estimate of refurb costs, with detailed breakdown of finish, etc
However if I remember correctly, the big problem with this house is a structural issue - part of the neighbours house would need to be knocked as it’s effectively supporting the wall in this house. I can’t remember the exact details - but I know it’s a BIG problem.
This house has been on the market for months and months, with other properties in the area selling within weeks.


That doesn’t sound like a good idea given that…

Let sleeping dogs lie I say. If the neighbour is happy not to have his house knocked then why not leave this happy relationship stand!


I said part of neighbours house needs to be knocked. I’m not exactly sure of the details - best speak to estate agent and get an engineer to look at it. From recollection, the existing owner planned on doing refurb and extension (hence why he is willing to share the engineers report), but was not willing to take on the project given the scale/cost. So that’s why it’s on the market.
I believe it was sale agreed before Xmas, and now it’s back on the market again. There’s obviously big problems here, so my advice would be to approach with extreme caution


Do not go next or nigh ANYTHING with stuctural issues!


Moddle - I’ve located the Surveyors report for this property that the EA sent me when I viewed it last year - PM me if you’re interested and I’ll e-mail it to you. Just to warn you, it doesn’t make for pleasant reading!


Thank you for all your feedback on it- sounds like a box of nasty surprises! Appreciate you taking the time to comment. :slight_smile:


We bought a house like this same size in similar condition not far from this house (without structural issues)

The complete refub including a new roof & pretty much everything else (floors, kitchen, re wire re plumb, new heating system fireplaces, cornice plastering insulating etc etc) cost us €100k in 2004. We did a phase 2 in 2010 for the stuff we ran out of money for in 2004. We spent a further €60k putting in very swish box sash windows and doing the yard.


Any guesses as to what this would sell for currently, fully refurbished to a decent standard?


Thanks TI
Do you mind me asking, did that include an extension?


It did not include an extension, but we had to remove a good chunk of the back wall and build it up again as it was in very shoddy condition.


Looks like this sold for 255k in May 2014: … nd-107685/
New owner got PP and now back on the market for 325k: … -8/2887198
So 70k (27.5%) increase in 5 months, just for getting PP?? As far as I know, the house already had PP!
It’s concerning that whoever bought it didn’t decide to renovate themselves - maybe it was a bigger project than they realized


Price dropped to 295k … -8/2887198


Looks a lot more than 37ft to me, though not enough to have parcelled off another site and no apparent access.

Odd. Could be a flip that flops. That CGT exemption clock is ticking.


Back on the market, fully refurbed, asking 675k: