Regime emergency meeting 28th Nov - 2022

Regime had an emergency meeting yesterday to sign off on more measures to deal with “accommodation crisis”:

TAOISEACH MICHEÁL MARTIN has said he believes the country can accommodate more refugees arriving from Ukraine.

As pressure mounts on the Government to source accommodation, he told reporters in Trim, Meath: “I think we can stretch ourselves more in terms of accommodating more.”

He did not agree that there has been a waning of social cohesion and support for housing refugees, stating that in a short space of time the country has managed to accommodate over 55,000 Ukrainians.

The Taoiseach, who was attending the Women and Agriculture Conference, said attendees approached him today to voice their support in the effort to take in Ukrainians.

“I understand the pressures given the sheer numbers that are involved,” he acknowledged, but added: “We’re going to do everything we can to assist.”

His comments come ahead of an incorporeal Cabinet meeting, due to be held tomorrow, which will sign off on a number of measures to deal with the accommodation crisis.

These include the doubling of the monthly payment for those housing Ukrainians to €800, the use of army barracks and defence force buildings to house refugees, as well as the extension of modular house building.

Archived link: Micheál Martin says the country can stretch itself to accommodate more Ukrainian refugees