Regulators knew and approved of Anglo share purchase scheme




Thanks WGU. I Laughed at that. God knows we need a laugh in this new age of bankruption here in Mireland.

You’d almost feel sorry for our financial ‘patriots’ sticking on the green jersey against the world if the reality wasn’t a lost generation (or two or three) who owe several times their annual income for a roof over their head. As a parent I despair. What a dump this island has been turned into over the last decade.


So absolutely no excuse for not implementing a total clear out of top bank executives in Ireland.



Oooh who are they ???

I wonder if any of our hard working tax exiles got their paws in the honey jar.


We should tell Lenihan immediately. This could get awkward for him.


From the article above:

Well fancy that.

Anyone remember the false report (on Newstalk) about BOI and Santander also? :angry:


The pictures… they move!

YouTube Link:

EDIT: Added the Pin’s URL to the vid - just in case it gets shared around.


What it doesn’t say in the Indo piece is that only 75% of the loans were non-recourse, according to The Sunday Times. The other 25% was recourse. This is on average 7.5 mn per golden calf.

I wonder what collateral they put up for it?
I wonder why the loans are now counted as 100% in default with 300 mn to be written off?
I wonder why no attempt is being made to retrieve the 25%?
I wonder why no arrests have been made with regard to this scheme?
I wonder who in the Financial Regulator and the Central Bank approved this scheme? (again according to the ST)
I wonder, most of all, who are these ten golden calves? How stupid are they? What are their connections?


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I can’t open this link. Can anyone else?


The Tribune site seems to be down at the moment. I have a dim and distant memory that the way they restrict access to the current day’s issue is to make the site unavailable until Sunday afternoon.


Here it is from google cache


Many thanks BrendanG. I’m trying to find reference to the group of Investors who vowed to ‘take revenge’ on the Anglo shorters. July 08 probably…? I’ll keep looking.

Edit - April 08 actually. And where else to find it but the Pin. Link to thread.


This might be it … 60423.html


This any help:

edit: Dang… too slow.


Many thanks all. lol.


what do you mean they “Refused” attend in front of law makers, haven’t they registered company in Ireland? Are they not bound to the law of this land. Are they are above law and “untouchables”?!!

I don’t know, few weeks back I crossed M50 tool booth and forget to pay 3 yoyo, I have received 6 euro’s paying notice via post with in weeks. I admired the technology and law. Never thought few people will be above the law like medieval societies even in 21st century.

on the same article

I have seen Madoff hand cuffed and dragged to local station, I have seen Dick fuld(lehman brothers) chairman facing grilling questions in US. Even in so called “third world” country india Satyam’s Raju still has refused bail in India, despite 425 mn net worth top 40 forbes richest indian

May be I should take up crash cource in law or invest one of my friends law degree, ultimately all this fiasco’s/frauds will put in piggy back thrown at a “Tribunal” and it creates few more millionaire lawyers just like Mahon did.

Sunday February 15 2009

How can the Sindo and Jody Corcoran call this an exclusive? How long ago was it that the Sunday Times broke this story? Has this been commented on already? If so, then apologies. But Jesus, the Sindo are taking the piss big time. Never mind the Eugene Sheehy interview. They really are working aginst the people and have been for years.
edit: I see this was referred to earlier. Apologies. However, why are the Sindo claiming to break this story. Does anything matter anymore?


The Regulator issued a press release today, rejecting the Sunday Times story:

I don’t see a loophole in the IFSRA statement but that may depend on what is defined as “a sweetheart deal”