Rehab Clinic for Bankers who lost other peoples' shirts

“Paddy Power is beginning to look like a rehab clinic for bankers who lost other peoples’ shirts in the crash” … 84430.html

Golden circle - the motherfucker went to bat for Fingers when Mr Burgess shouted stop! He suggested Seanie for head of BoI! Fuck Ross

He defended the platinum circle that Sur Tony [doff cap] had assembled an INM

then there was his bizarre column on Brian Lenihan … 45168.html … t_(Ireland

You forget the ‘public interest’ directorship that recommended taking Eircom private to the O’Reilly syndicate, a move that asset stripped the company. Some here: … -time.html

Nice hatchet job here: … hane-ross/

I’m not a fan of Shane Ross either but it’s still a good article and full of irony.

Essentially, You and I are having to pay, now, for the reckless risk taking (bad gambling), of people who were very well remunerated whilst working in their former employment. These failed risk-takers are now being employed by / directors of, a company that is actually risk averse in its core business - gambling 8- .

Can we expect Paddy power coming to govt. buildings looking for a bailout in a few years? For the ‘good of the country’. Unbelievable, yeah it is, but what happened in the past decade is pretty damn unbelievable.