Reilly to seek HSE board's resignations

This was on Morning Ireland this morning.

Minister for Health Dr James Reilly is to meet the board of the Health Service Executive to ask the members to resign.

A spokesperson for the minister has confirmed that he will be attending the board meeting and an announcement will be made after it ends.

While the minister has been critical of the operation of the HSE, he does not have the power to compel their resignations.

There is more at the link.

WTF??? So, a minister does not have the power to fire a board of a state body for non performance? This really is a fecked up country…

That’s why folk are so pissed off with the practice of stuffing boards with cronies before you get booted out of office. The members are appointed for fixed terms all contracted up, not much he can do except ask them to GTFO, they can brazen it out if they feel like it.

Get one of the tabloids to run a campaign, post their name and photo on the front page of the paper every day until they leave.

“Day X - Incompetent HSE board members still not gone”

The board won’t care, possibly be delighted, I’d guess most of them were heavily pressured into joining what would be seen as one of the most thankless and perk free board jobs. It’s no DAA where the board would need to be dragged out kicking and screaming.

Interesting to see what O’Reilly does, is it a prelude to pulling HSE responsibility into the department. Is he about to do something “brave”

The Board of the HSE is appointed by the Minister for Health…lots of interesting poeple on it with fingers in different pies

Well if you can’t fire someone then just make it so the job doesn’t exist anymore.

If that doesn’t work, you’re the frickin government, change the law.*

*I will note that Edna said she was taking advice from the AG over government appointments made in the last days of FF so maybe something will happen here.

Seeing as Reilly is about to bring in legislation criminalising midwives (are they are such a danger to society?) I don’t hold out much hope that he will do the right thing.

whats this about?

is he going to make natural bith illegal now? only c sections from here on?

Section 40 of the nurses and midwives bill 2010 will criminalise a midwife if they don’t follow the strict guidelines of the HSE when attending a birth. The bill went throught the final amendment stage last week and will be voted on shortly.

Home birth in many circumstances will become illegal. You might still get a natural birth in hospital if you’re quick enough and follow their procedures.

Resignations accepted

I met Reilly once, when I quizzed him about vested interests resisting any of his reforms, he replied saying he knew where the bodies were buried. Look like he wasn’t kidding! What he will untimately achieve remains to be seen, but this is an encouraging start nonetheless.

Perhaps he should have the username Poacher turned Gamekeeper!

Who says he didnt :nin ??

Outline the circumstances under which home birth becomes illegal. Would it have anything at all to do with adequate insurance company?

As for hospitals, I doubt very much they will be enforcing Caesareans for all.

how many unneccessary c sections are performed because the mother wasnt performing to their predetermined procedures?

lots of trusting people entering maternity wards with misguided perceptions of the role of nurses,midwives,doctors,consultants,hospitals

i fear that the major worry here for hospitals is the prevention of law suits

Fairly straightforward and sensible, no?

Maternal mortality is down massively thanks to progress in modern medicine. A lot of people seem to forget that.

The insurance issue is extremely important - you cannot pretend that there’s no need for midwives providing home birth services to have adequate coverage just because you want to believe that there are unnecessary c-sections in hospitals. And if you are implying that this is happening, can you provide some figures for the number of unnecessary c-sections in Irish hospitals.

not a man to be trifled with!

I am not suggesting that midwives operate without insurance but why is the HSE witholding insurance and who writes “the rules”?
Irelands maternity hospitals are functioning at over capacity, why is the HSE criminalising midwives when it could work with them to improve the current situation.

Modern medicine has improved things but in some cases it has gone too far. From my experience in maternity hospitals I wouldn’t want to go back unless advised by a midwife or I could go back to pre 2007 but under the rules I would have no alternative.

On the topic of the board. It’s a promising start.

Did I hear there’s been no remuneration agreed either?