Reinventing Government

It appears that Fine Gael are off the blocks with their manifesto.
Others to follow I am sure.

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At least some electoral reform is on the cards.
A lot more is required.
TD’s are elected on the basis of what they can do for you, not what they can do for the country. This means the most Corrupt yes men get elected.

There is something fundamentally wrong with our political system in so far as we are compelled to elect the most locally focused gombeen man at the expense of the national interest.

The most useful thing they could include in their manifesto would be a declaration of intent to either disband or amalgamate with FF

That and free cheese

I feel like asking this the door next election, "Which party do you represent again?, Pro Treaty Sinn Fein Or Anti Treaty Sinn Fein ?

Any reform of the Dail will require a fundamental change to how we elect TD’s, Some Civic education is also required, The question of what it means to be Irish lacks any definition apart form “Not English”

“inventing government”… Well, at least they’re honest about it!

My programme

  1. As a sovereign independent state we repudiate the fraudulent guarantee given to the Irish Banks.

End of programme

No point in reinventing government without reinventing citizenry.
The key is to prevent people from voting in the likes of Lowry, Flynn etc etc.

Perhaps it might be a suggestion that if a TD is found to have commited a crime, the cost of their trial and fine gets matched and subtracted from the budget allocation of their constituency.

I like the idea of what FG propose but will we end up because of PR with a watered down version and the worst of FG and Labour policies combined.

Abolish PR, have a single constituency and list system and go from there.

TD, crime, court, guilty - jasus, that in itself would be something :smiley:

I think that TDs should only be allowed a maximum of two terms in the Dail. Also, no two members of an immediate family can serve at the same time. This would include siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grand parents. Obviously some people would whinge about their rights being infringed, in this case I say fuck 'em.

Add to that no more thn 25% of the Cabinet can be teachers (50% at the moment) and remove teachers rights to return to the job after two years.

Can you imagine all of Flynns constituents getting a letter stating that the cost and fine of her failed action against RTE was now being deducted from the areas budget.

Would focus a few minds !

This would be a start.

Currently, the political system is closed to anybody outside teachers, lawyers and estate agents. We need to figure out how to change that.