Rejoice! LOCKDOWN OVER - Dublin Mosque Open - Taking Liberties?


  • Mosque open (19th Feb).
  • RIC (Police) called 12 times, never arrived.
  • Online claim Mosque has been operating approx. 10 years without Planning Permission
  • Location: Blackpitts, Dublin 8



Liberties??? Taking FN Everything.

Soundbites to come ;

We must educate about regulations, get by in, community leaders, language, communication.

We cant arrest them, and frankly its racist to suggest that etc etc.

Now mask up, stay at home, don’t see your family, don’t work, dont dont dont dont.

Science, Reasons.

Rant over.


Lockdown, what lockdown? Sorry, we no speaka the English


The silence and burying of this story from the usually rabid media and other zero covid commies tells you all you need to know about their motivations…


RTE has had two days to report this matter on its doorstep, but instead chose to go with the three amigos from Brazil story on the lunchtime news.
Brazilians bad, toxic mosque in centre of Dublin good


Some randomer on an empty beach got more airtime with the Gardai/Political class