Removals Recommendation



Can anyone recommend a good removals company for a short distance move in North Co Dublin for a 4 bed?

Thanks in advance


We went with these guys, they were well equipped, fast and did a good job, very reasonable price also. Give him a buzz and he’ll give you a free quote.


Some general principles:

-look at local firms, otherwise you’ll just be paying them extra to drive to and from your job
-older, established firms are probably better, but will cost more
-avoid one-man-and-his-van operations. You need a 30ft-ish rigid truck to fit a four-bed contents into. Otherwise they will move you in two loads, which is extra time and hassle for you
-look very closely at the insurance T&Cs - very high premium is a signal of a sloppy firm


Thank you for the recommendation and advice and advice, much appreciated