Renovation Costs 2019

Hi Folks, despite reading the terrifying headlines on Renovation cost inflation I’ve gone and bought a house that needs renovating. Late 1970s, detached , 4 bed , 3 toilet ( under stairs / En suite/ bathroom) 142 Sq m. No extension work or structural work needed( roof fine etc) but needs a complete ‘modernization’. Current BER is F.

A mix of googling and phone calls have got me to the following figures. I was hoping someone has some input as to how realistic they are!

We’d like to knock a wall down ( as much as possible) between the kitchen and dining room ( it’s most likely structural and would require a beam) . The kitchen dining room spans the back of the house and we’d like to replace some of the back wall with two large sliding glass doors. We had a builder around who quoted 22k for this job in total.

Any info greatly appreciated!

Full Rewire 12,000
Heating System / Re plumb 12,000
Toilets| 15,000 |
Kitchen| 17,000 |
Floors- Wood laminate ( 25 euro per Sqm + 10 euro per Sqm installation) | 5,000 |
Decoration (Only Painting) | 4,000 |
Security| 2,000 |

Total | 67,000|

Insulation External Walls| 22,000 |
Insulation Attic| 2,000 |
Minus Grant|-6,000 |

Insulation Total| 18,000|

Wall Demolition| 9,000 |
Windows| 5,000 |
Skips| 8,000 |

Total Walls| 22,000|


Windows look a little on the cheap side,

The rewire seems expensive in comparison to some other numbers online.

UK 4 Bedrooms £3,700-£5,500 1-2 weeks

8k says

8-10k says askaboutmoney

Depends what you are getting done I suppose…

painting looks a bit light if you are doing the whole house,

also make sure you leave it til last.

have you considered solid wood over laminate? itll cost more, but you will be looking at it forever and also have the options of staining a different colour etc as time goes on

Thanks for the feedback DR1. I should clarify that the windows I’m referring to are the two large sliding windows we’ll replace to the back walls with. The actual windows in the house are double glazed and in decent nick.

Good info, thanks snaps. Hopefully I can shave a few euros off that. It’s a full rewire but shouldn’t involve much socket moving. Seems the socket locations are ok, although the kitchen units etc will be moving around

Thanks Cyrusir. I’d love to do solid wood but unfortunately the budget just doesn’t stretch to it. It’s fully carpeted in 1980’s chic and my Wife is Italian so even the sight of a carpet makes her wince. So we need the whole house covered in something that isn’t carpet for a reasonable amount of money.

Given the level of renovation and expenditure proposed a “Deep retrofit” might be suitable for you. Higher grant support (approximately 50%) exists for deep retrofit to help you achieve an energy efficient A-rated home .
To apply for a Deep Retrofit grant, you must contact a Service Providers who will apply on your behalf. See details from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) website: