Renovation Costs

Does anybody have an estimate as to what typical renovation costs would be to either
A) Completely gut and renovate a small cottage, the current size is about 30m2 and the extension would be 35m2 I guess. This is a link to the property I am thinking about:

I guess it will need the following:

New plumbing
Install central heating
New roof
New kitchen
New bathroom
Re-plaster walls and roofs
New Floors
New Windows
Build extension
Build Support wall at back of house
Anything else I may have left out

Any estimates, ball park ranges for above, average, per room cost etc.
I’m looking at rough calculation of an offer taking rough estimate of renovation into account.

Thanks in advance for any input.



You’ll get a better answer on boards, I see you have already posted the same question there.

whats a short code?

Are you sure you should be renovating a house?

ok, now I see what a short code is :slight_smile:

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If you employed a contractor, 60 grand would well cover you. Its a small, straightforward job with good access. You’d get far better value if you employed direct labour, given you had the time to keep an eye on things. Tradesmen have never been so cheap as they are now and in Kerry, local lads would bite the arm off you for that at the minute. There are some great bargains to be had on materials now too if you shop around. I picked up two brand new, ultra modern bathroom suites yesterday for €28 in a stock clearance. I shit you not. IMO, if you bargain hard with all concerned, you’ll buy and redo that place for the 100k asking. Best of luck.


any views on cost of

  • knocking a non-load bearing wall

  • lay wooden floors - about 1000sq feet

  • paint inside of a 4 bed house

Nope. 28 euro. They were going mental with €1 clearance stickers as I was walking by. Taking down a stud wall and making good is a days work for 1 man. If there’s wires and pipes running through it, it’ll be a wee bit trickier and more costly. You’d get solid floor laid over ply/timber t/g flooring for about fifteen a square metre, more over concrete. I’ve just finished painting a 4 bed house internally for €1800. Hope this helps Tyler.

Is this a new measuring technique used by Estate Agents - Has it been verified

Sounds more accurate than their usual methods…

From the photograph the existing structure is below the road, to add to this its on the sloap of the hill, with the torrential rail of the last few days, you should do an inspection and see what amount of water has logged on the site and more importantly how much water is lying inside the building.

From what I see of the photo, this issue would make me run a mile.

Well the world record for the hop, skip & jump is 18.29 meters, so I’m assuming those are the units

I’m no expert but have you checked under the floors.
If it’s real old there won’t be damp proofing or radon barrier.
Foundations could be dodgy enough too.
€100k looks pretty expensive for a site on the road side, hop skip and jump notwithstanding.

Many thanks. Are you Dublin based?

28 euro - wow!