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It’s a long time since I rented in Ireland, but back then there used to be a rent allowance scheme which a tenant could register for and get a miniscule increase in their tax credits. My understanding is that the real aim of this scheme was to catch unregistered landlords rather than to give a tax break to renters. Does this scheme still exist, and if not, has it been replaced with some other system for catching out unregistered landlords?

I’m not a landlord myself, but would like to know (as a tenant), whether my landlord is “up to code” or not.


The Rent relief scheme gave about 400 net (2000 @ 20% relief) back to tenants - it has since been abolished. You can claim whether or not your landlord is tax compliant. In fact I encourage you to do it. You can get it for several years past.

Too late I’m afraid. If you were not claiming during December 2010 then you are not eligible. It is being phased out anyway for current claimants. But joy oh joy you can still get mortgage interest relief so the message there is to BUY RIGHT AWAY!.

You’re talking about Rent Relief. … nants.html

It’s being phased out though so unless you’ve been renting since last year you can’t claim it anymore

Not sure why you’d care if your landlord was “up to code” anyway.

Perhaps a landlord refused to return a significant portion of the deposit on Magpie moving out.
Perhaps the deposit was kept for worn carpets, upholstery and what not…
Perhaps the landlord was a well connected former civil servant…
Perhaps Magpie remembered we did not have a signed PRTB.

Perhaps Magpie later claimed rent relief…
perhaps said landlord got a letter for the revenue… 8DD

Because I live in Ireland, and therefore benefit from other citizens paying taxes.

I wasn’t renting in December 2010. Does this mean I can’t register for rent relief, or does it mean that I can still register but won’t get any tax break?
If the latter, I guess I could still use rent relief as a bargaining tool, e.g.

me: any problem with me registering for rent relief?
landlord: er…well…
me: so how will you compensate me for the loss of tax credits if I agree not to register?

there’s no registering to be done (apart from PRTB). You used to be able to submit a claim - but that doesn’t apply.

You could try saying you are self employed etc and therefore writing off your rent (portion of for office) - i.e. will potentially be submitting the receipts (?) to Revenue…

If he’s not registered with the PRTB - prior tenants too it would be interesting

So you have an issue with people not paying taxes as you know it’s to the detriment of other citizens. But if you get a slice of the action, then you’re fine with it?

It doesn’t take much to coax people down from those high horses. :neutral_face: