Rent decreases - recent tales from D4 and D2

Just for the record, some recent rent drops. All 2 bedroom terraced houses (think Corrie), rents per month.

Last month there was a house for rent near my street in Ringsend for €1,000; one neighbour asked her LL for decrease - was paying €1,400, now €1,100 since last month. Another new neighbour moved in a few months back; house was advertised as €1,300 (I think), negotiated rent of €1,200 before moving in. We were paying €1,150 (since about 2003!!!), just asked for a drop. Is now down to €1,050 (was hoping for a bigger drop).

A friend in D2 near Macken Street was paying €1,350. Had asked her LL many times for reduction, no dice. House literally opposite advertised at €1,400, eventually decreased to €1,200 after some months empty. My friend negotiated €1,100 per month. Gave her current LL notice who now said that she didn’t want to lose her tenant and would match the rent. My canny friend had said that the rent on the other property would be 1,000, so has just got herself a 350 per month decrease in her rent - go girl!

Thanks grasshopper, it’s always good to get actual rental prices. I think 10% off asking is almost expected at this stage.

These are all in prime rental areas too, not in outer Tallaght

I agree about letting agents/landlords expecting people to negotiate for a reduction from the advertised price. One thing to watch out for, which is highlighted by the property bee is agents/landlords actually putting up the price in the ad, I presume then they will negotiate down to their original price. I have seen numerous examples of this in the D1 and D3 area. In most cases I can only presume this is why they are putting up the price. Install the property bee and keep an eye out for these types of tricks.

From Tallaght myself. As much as I hate to see derogatory remarks that only add to the bad reputation that isn’t deserved usually from people who have little experience of the area, I have to admit that there are a huge amounts of apartments in Tallaght. 15 years ago there was barely an apartment in the place but there’s been a huge amount of building in the last few years of places with poor transport servicing them and had very little thought into where they were built.

A friend of mine has a 2 bed apartment on Kiltipper Road (up the sticks - f*ck all buses) which he rents out. He has a single mother renting it (technically not single) and gets the rent from the social welfare. €1,300 for a ground floor apartment!! FUPPIN MADNESS!!