Rent our apartment and take care of our rabbit!!!!!!

Came across this ad on daft and just felt I had to share it…

Presumably this couple is going away on holidays for a month and want someone to pay their rent for them…
I love the part about the rabbit, especially the photo. Doesn’t it look evil!!!

They want someone to pay them €1000 to mind their rabbit. Ok, that seems reasonable .

They could do with some bigger computer monitors though. And a telly. Maybe I could buy them some.

(I even snorted my beer…).

Best way of taking care of that animal is to take the cage to a nice area, open the cage door, and let it off to phuck…

Oh, I can think of something better… :angry:

I get the feeling that Ned Kelly has the run of the place?

mmmm. four leg chicken.

:laughing: This is priceless. God loves a trier

Owner occupiers make me laugh.

This guy wants €433 each for two double rooms in a 4 bed house that rents for €1000-1100 per month. Not only that but he would like if all tenants would piss off every Friday for two days.

Its nice to see people learning their lesson the hard way.


That would be useful. I wonder what the unusual mod cons are?

Never mind the mod cons they have

Handy things them dodgs??

this guy is barking… :arrow_right:

Speaking of slightly odd rental arrangements… … -2/684371/


Must have an hourly rate advertised elsewhere. :angry:

Or how about this:

“Suit 1)family @ €1250 1) singles @ €1350 3) two couples @ €1400.”


“We, are, fam-ily…”

From the ad


I think this particular ad may have been intended for the back of the buy and sell :angry:

Apart from anything else, €1250 rental price for a 3-bed in Knocklyon/Ballycullen is eye-poppingly cheap. It also suggests a sale price for this place under 200k. Not sure what houses in this estate sell at but my guess would be up to 50% more than that.