Rent prices begin to stabilise – report

Rent prices begin to stabilise – report → … -begin-to/

A few back to college speedbumps?

well if the ERSI says it then it must be true - after all their track record is exempl…oh wait. :angry:

Keeping my eye on daftwatch the rental properties available in the large cities are been swallowed up, im not surprised rents are startin to go up, i just dont know where all the people are coming from to move into them

I find it incredible too.

IMF Entourage & International press??

A lot of households can no longer afford to buy property (due to lack of credit/lower incomes) so they continue renting instead, i.e. people that would have moved out of the rental market reducing demand are now stuck there. That and NAMA may be deliberately holding supply off the market until rents stabilise/start increasing. I believe NAMA where claiming to have a large degree of control over the Dublin rental market to investors a few months ago.

Lower prices are to blame, many who shared houses in past can now afford to rent whole unit for themselves.