Rent Review - Help!

Pinsters, I am having difficulty with my LL. There are a number of unsatisfactory issues with the place I rent. For reasons of convenience and location I wish to remain where I am in spite of this. They are issues presently beyond the LL’s control but unsatisfactory none the less. The LL now wishes to increase my rent. I have told the LL that there is no justification for doing so because of said issues. LL maintains it is my choice to remain at current market rent or let someone else come in and pay it. The issue would not be apparent to prospective viewers and the LL would of course get away with this. I am now being told accept it or move.

Should I refer this to the PRTB? According to their index my rent should raise about 10% (based on Q3 2013 data and what I originally agreed when I moved in). Do they stick to this index to determine acceptable market rate? LL wants 20% increase which is closer to Daft asking prices. Will the PRTB factor in said issues? If I refer to PRTB does my rent remain at current level? How long do they take to adjudicate? Am I liable for a backdated increase? Any help would be appreciated, this is pretty stressful and the LL has suddenly turned rather obtuse and callous. I apologise for the vagueness, I am happy to expand on specifics in PM.

I can’t see the PRTB sticking to an index - as quite simply it’s an average. Your landlord will surely make the case for the specific property, location etc.

I would contact Threshold and see what they say - I found them brilliant when a LL tried to push me out while on a fixed term lease.