Rent supplement is in the crosshairs


Looks like rent supplement is in the crosshairs at last… … king3.html


any word on cuts to this?

Tax free I assume also


doubled in the bertie years


We are going to hear so much nonsense, dishonesty and downright cretinism about cuts in RA in the coming weeks.

The last time there were cuts, Threshold came out condemning it. I sent them an email explaining how they were doing the exact opposite of what they thought they were doing - representing people’s housing rights - but I never even got a reply. (In my most optimistic moments I wondered whether the email was so revelatory to them that they were too dumbfounded to reply. Ha! Some bloody hope.)

No doubt campaigners for the unemployed and poor will weigh in with similar views this time, not to mention the likes of The NAMA (who oppose changes to UORR’s, which are somewhat analagous to RA) to the CIF to LL representatives. We’ll hear about people being “out on the streets” and how it’ll make property investment less attractive to “international” “investors”. We’ll hear about “small businessmen” and “entrepreneurs” being thrown under the bus.

It’ll be nasty and I envisage many a frustrating Liveline episode.


I Laughed Out Loud when I heard this on the radio this morning… how long has it taken them to start cutting this?
Here live in private accomadation the taxpayers will pay your rent!!!

Rent supplement is the MOST abused system in Ireland…

#6 … 59034.html


Couple behind us have been living in their house funded by the Rent supplement scheme for the last eight years. She is in her mid to late 20s, has never worked in that time, her partner works on and off (mostly doesn’t work!),occasionally disappears for months on end, gardai call to the house at regular intervals. They have four kids, two cars (one Beemer) and a pedigree dog.They go on holdays, kids are always dressed in the latest designer gear. We get up to go out to work at six every morning,have sacrificed many things in order to pay our mortgage for the last ten years, can just about afford to run a car and say to ourselves are we total fecking eejits when we see their subsidised lifestyle.

(p.s. when their shore backed up sewage into their neighbours garden due to nappies being thrown down it, she said to the neighbour ’ ah sure don’t worry about it, I’ll get the landlord to sort it out and throw you a few bob compo’)

By the way I dont know where that Holiday Home Owner bit below my username came from-we only have the house we are paying our mortgage on!


I feel your pain the most frustraing thing has to be - purchasing a house working your ass off to pay your mortgage… and someone moves in and lives in a house for free and doesn’t have to work!!!

The lack or respect for the houses is disgracefull too!!!

Ireland = Have a baby, Don’t get married, don’t work = Get a free house!!!


They already are. I heard one crowd this morning pointing out that CSO statistics show rents increasing at an annualised rate of 2.5% this year so not increasing RA amounts to a cut of 2.5% in real terms.


It’s a “humourous” grading of posters by the number of their posts:


Ha ha, you’ve reminded me of the time a while back when some poster became very animated at the fact that ‘Under CAB Investigation’ was under his name on posts. “Why is that there? I’m not under CAB investigation. Where did this come from?” (It’s just a bit of ranking fun indicative of the number of posts you’ve made on the site.)


There is a place for some sort of social safety net no argument there but cases like these make my blood boil.

When a society rewards people for working the system rather than honest endeavour the society is broken.*

*(I can’t remember what I’m paraphasing here but it is apt)


Rent Allowance doesn’t benefit the poor or unemployed in any way whatsoever. The money keeps rents artificially high and penalises the working poor who must compete with this unfair subsidy.

And the CSO figures are already out of date. The next plunge has begun.
Graph from


They are moving people from RA to the Local Authority RAS where you can work and pay percentage of household income towards the rent. With RAS there are inspections of places, you can’t “top up” payment to landlord, landlord must produce Tax Compliance Cert so there are benefits to it. from landlord perspective rent is guaranteed by local authority and generally people in RAS are “stable families”.

Not sure why a single person has to get a place all to themselves though - health and safety maybe?

RA increases per child/bed space required (employed people don’t get that)

Also if something is free to a user they generally won’t value/respect it


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I’m thrilled to see I’m now under CAB investigation.


If you need to transfer some assets I can give you a lap-top.


I’ve seen this covered and explained on here several times before but here we go again.
Collapso is showing movement in the median asking rents nationwide.
Rents in urban areas are, on average, higher than those in rural areas.
The number of properties advertised for rent nationwide hasn’t reduced very much (according to Daftwatch) but the numbers in urban areas like Dublin and Cork have fallen considerably. Reducing the number of properties in areas that, on average, have higher asking rents is going to cause the median asking rent on the remaining properties to fall. Depending on the extent of the fall in the number of properties advertised in urban areas, the median could fall even if asking rents everywhere were increasing.

A very simple example:
There are 9 properties and asking rents are: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900. The median rent is 500
Somebody rents the 2 expensive properties and rents increase by 10%. You’re now left with 7 properties asking 110, 220, 330, 440, 550, 660, 770. The median rent has fallen to 440.

Note that the latest dip on Collapso coincides with students returning to college i.e. when thousands of rental properties in Dublin, Cork, Galway etc, where asking rents are, on average, above the median. are taken off the market. You’ll also notice that the median asking rents increased around June when those student left and thousands of properties in cities came on to the market.


What better metric should we use for national rental price trends?


Yeah, well, I heard about a woman who goes to collect her welfare cheque in a Cadillac!

Oh, wait, that wasn’t me. That was Ronald Reagan…