Rent supplement is in the crosshairs


Immigration? I’ve seen a PQ by a Northside TD which showed that half of the Fingal housing list was made up of immigrants.
A lot of citizenships handed out in the past 5 years. And there was the Irish born baby loophole 10 years ago. Not all Doctors and Googlers coming here!


Micheal Martin calling again in the Dáil for rent supplement levels to be raised as the low caps are “causing homelessness”.


Some SF’ers even consider the councils property their investment property !


Yeah, I remember that and it appears to be true. (It’s the great unmentionable though - you’d be accused of all sorts of “isms” and “phobias” if you brought it up. ) … 73856.html
*MORE than half of the applicants for council homes in north Dublin are from abroad, new figures show. It is the first time that there have been more foreign than Irish people on Fingal’s social housing list. Lone parents on the list have risen by 28pc to 3,480, he said. This category of applicant now accounts for 43pc of people waiting for council homes.The number on Fingal’s housing list is 8,144, up 22pc on the 6,691 on the list a year ago.
In response to Mr Dennison’s question, the council stated: “There are a total of 4,108 applicants seeking social housing support with Fingal County Council of non-Irish nationality. Of this group, there are currently a total of 2,362 applicants who are of non-EU nationality.” The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland was not available for comment at the time of writing.


You’d wonder why the Councils got out of Social Housing when some of it appears to be very profitable!..from the Ian Bailey case yesterday … -1.2040720

Nice deal if you can get it!


We’ve stopped talking about emigration. But 250,000 have left the country since this lot came to power.

Yet more sacrificing of the future


Rent supplement ceiling limits are due for review at the end of the month.
Anyone care to speculate if landlord’s dole will fall/rise/remain static?


I predict a significant increase, especially in Dublin. It will be presented as “helping de most vulnerable in society” of course.


Election just over 12 months away- check
Labour party desperate to survive- check

They’ll rise


No Rent Left Behind.


Any mention in the media of those who actually work and pay their own rent and are struggling to cope with rising rents?

Nah, didn’t think so :angry:


Disclosed methodology is to target the 35th percentile


Rent supplement claimants keep falling
There are approximately 71,500 rent supplement recipients for which the Government has provided over €298 million for 2015.
Tabular Statement:Rent Supplement Recipients by County, End December 2014
CARLOW 1,086
CLARE 1,336
CORK 8,273
DUBLIN 26,453
GALWAY 3,591
KERRY 1,736
LAOIS 1,008
LOUTH 2,211
MAYO 1,619
MEATH 1,726
OFFALY 1,041
Total 71,533


As of the 1-1-15 there are no maximum rent limits for rent supplement.

Joan is tring to work the figures so that she can target the 30th percentile.


Really? How did that happen?

Citizens information disagrees with you but it might just be out of date. Are you thinking of HAP?


As per SW website limits can into force on “Monday 17 June and will be in place until 31 December 2014”


I think they mean “at least”. i.e. the next review is now due.

Unless you can show it to me in an SI I’m betting that’s all the date means.

Edit - the date IS in the SI: … f-2013.pdf

Not sure what this means as the SI amends something that’s already been amended so it’s hard to parse. You might be correct although I imagine it’s an oversight.


Kitty Holland is going to win some amount of awards this year!

Rent caps blamed for escalation in homeless families throughout counties around Dublin … -1.2103471

It’s the rent caps fault!!! Not NAMA’s, not the Govt’s or Land bank hoarders etc etc.
If we could just up the rent cap, the world would be at peace


Government moves to prohibit refusal of rent supplement
The Amendments to the Employment Equality (Amendment) (No 2) Bill is before the Seanad and is due to be published in the current parliamentary term “and the Bill enacted shortly”
The Acts will be amended to prohibit discrimination in relation to residential tenants, or prospective tenants, on the basis that they are assisted with their rent through rent supplement or social welfare payments.

Interesting development


I foresee thousands of cases before the equality authority as a result…and compo for ‘discrimination’