Rent supplement is in the crosshairs


See, if we Licensed the sector we could shake it up good-o.

Great platform to run on in my 10+ year opinion.

“Rent allowance not accepted” (but we’re happy that it sets a nice floor on rents) was no less discriminatory than the “young professionals only” which was very annoying as it’s ubiquity of inclusion in ads diminished it’s value and those YP’s ironically would pay for privledge of not in person ever directly competing with prospective rent allowance tenants for the place but actually were competing on price as the rent allowance participants where essentially built in phantom bidders all the way to the Bank lads!!!

I feel a bit nauseas.


Rent supplement will not be increased by Department … -1.2155917

Words fail me - actual logic in a government report.


Surprised by this I have to say.

Press Release … 70315.aspx

Despite release above saying it’s on the website I can’t find it. Older reports here … Index.aspx


Maybe DSP researchers read the Pin


Election looming. They’re harvesting the pinmind.


Aha I heard someone from a homeless charity on the radio saying something was “a terrible blow” or something. I assumed it was good news all right.


The consequence of no rent supplement limits is market rates for the majority and homelessness for others.


It is not a binary thing.
This is due to the State’s failure to have a range of solutions to homelessness such as the kind of supervised safe studio accommodation that 2Pack has discussed.


Important to note that we are not unique in having a so called “homeless” problem. Europe is under siege from low, and no-skilled immigrants who are placing huge demands on welfare systems and competing with the indigenous “most vulnerable”. Even the poster boys of “equality and fairness” - i.e the Scandinavian countries, are struggling to deal with it…
As long as the borders remain wide open, it’s inevitable… … s-homeless
The most visible of the beggars that Norway has been seeking to outlaw are immigrants, arrived from poverty-stricken parts of eastern Europe. In Stavanger, you can see homeless people in the early morning using bushes, churchyards and sheds as toilets. It is freezing cold: -5C last week, with the wind making it feel closer to –15C. Enveloped in layers of clothing, they sit on sheets of cardboard. There are no figures available for how many die; there are also no visible street soup kitchens in Norwegian cities. It is a humanitarian and a health crisis all in one.


Report now up … 202015.pdf


Think this is a very brave move by Joan Burton. Contrary to some of the claims on this tread the quality of research carried out by the Department of Social Protection has always been strong. The problem is it has been ignored by politicians. Standing up the the likes of Peter McVerry and focus Ireland who have been clambering for rent supplement increases, with no consideration about the knock on impacts on low paid renters, and completely unquestioning support for their views in the media, is brave IMO.


McVerry in the Irish Times this evening: … -1.2157462
“There were only three exits out of homelessness, he said: social housing, of which there was so little available it was effectively out of reach; housing charities, which were very limited in what they could offer; and the private rented sector, which the Government was now blocking off.”

Of course, he left out one important option - namely, people actually working and paying for their own accommodation, rather than doing nothing and relying on the State (i.e other workers) to pay for their (totally free) housing for the rest of their lives. Is this guy for real or is he totally blinded to reality?


Wow, HiFi, you’ve solved the problem, we just need everybody to work! Why did nobody think of this before?!


Also interesting to look at this issue in terms of "entries into homelessness "
Increasing rents is a cause of homelessness for lower paid workers, increasing rent supplements exacerbates rent increases. If a landlord make a low paid working family homeless by increasing rent and subsequently accepts a rent allowance eligible tenancy at the higher rent then this is seen as "progressive " but it has no net effect on homelessness. It has only 2 effects

  1. It increases the transfer of wealth from taxpayers to landlords (through increased rents and rent supplement)
  2. It disincentivises working as low paid workers are being removed from their homes to accommodate state supported tenants at higher rents.


29 houses to be given by NAMA for social housing in Tullamore. … ullamore-/

will be managed by Oaklee Housing Trust.

already control houses in Tullamore area at Cluain Darach

and how many houses are to rent in Tullamore?


10 properties to rent and the majority of them aren’t as good as the ones which are being going to the housing association.

If you are on welfare you get a nice house. If you work for a living and (oh-so easily) disqualify yourself from social housing or move yourself so far down the list that it become a remote possibility then hard luck.

The banks aren’t moving on anyone to repossess houses in the locality either.
This is a broken market.


Labour TD Kevin Humphreys was on the radio 1 lunchtime discussing the decision not to raise the rent supplement threshold. He said it is being raised…on a case by case basis and by large amounts for over 100k people.

So there…who needs expert reports!


Transparancy has been lost.

Contact your local TD if your rent is above the cap in order to get the fix in. But remember to give him your number one next time round.


The report does say discretion is being using to go above the limits. A C&AG report into what % would be interesting


there are just under 80,000 rent supplement claimants the entire country at the moment. How could they have increased the payments for 100,000 claimants?


This is common knowledge (and word does travel fast).

For example, my friend rents a flat in Dublin and he gets €1050 per month from you know who. He was charging her 975 and she’d pay the 75 herself, but now the SW are paying the full 1050.

Unless you’re an immigrant hoping to get a passport, I don’t know why anyone would bother participating the workforce for anything less than €35k. It’s not worth it.