Rent supplement is in the crosshairs


on the news there now…Alan Kelly bring proposals to the Cabinet in the coming weeks for rent controls. Cabinet set to approve and the temporary measures to be brought in as soon as possible.
‘To put the brakes on rental prices’ was the quote!

More downward pressure on house prices as Investors take scare?


We’re well into year 5 of a 5 year term and he now thinks this is a great idea!

I’m totally against the idea of “rent controls” myself. I’m also totally against the idea of housing 1,000s of families with zero PRSI contributions in city centre houses.

Leinster house is full of gombeens. And the quality of gombeen is only getting worse as the years go by.


Pre-electioneering ground work.


It seems to be an increase in rent supplement by another name. Apply a rent control and then give the landlord a tax break. In other words transfer money from the State to the landlord.


AFAIK, they’ve reversed the ban on bedsits in Dublin.

With regards to students, do they do digs anymore?


Dublin is spending €750,000 a month on emergency hotel accommodation for families. … -1.2251914

Wonder what the nationwide figure is?


A decent discussion on the FT Money podcast relating to German rent controls in the context of the UK (London) market.

The “don’t interfere with the free market” merchants conveniently ignore the fact that there are tons of “interference” features already in extistence…stacked on one side


Rent Supplement Recipients by County, End of May 2015
**County Recipients **
DUBLIN 25,427
CORK 7,782
GALWAY 3,521
LOUTH 1,913
KERRY 1,660
MEATH 1,633
MAYO 1,607
CLARE 1,317
CARLOW 1,064
LAOIS 1,003
Total 67,887


Less than 68k receiving rent supplement but 100k on the waiting list for social housing.


You can be earning under €35k as a singleton in the cities to qualify for the social housing list.
Not everyone gets rent supplement even if they qualify for it as they cannot find a landlord who will take it.


waiting list for social housing is a golden ticket. wouldn’t you put your name down for one? If you are not in, you can’t win.
rental is based on your income and is supposedly under 22.5% of net income or thereabouts with first €X amounts of income disregarded and there are various exceptions.
All above is not totally accurate but nobody is forcing you to take social housing if you do get offered it. You might get offered a nice turnkey 3 or 4 bed close to family, you might not.
Once in then you can decide how hard you work and how much you earn and your accommodation costs vary accordingly.


Here is recipents per 1000 of population, sorted from lowest to highest:
monaghan 5.2
cavan 5.8
sligo 7.4
kilkenny 8.2
meath 8.9
roscommon 10.2
leitrim 10.3
donegal 10.5
limerick 10.5
longford 10.8
clare 11.2
kerry 11.4
waterford 11.5
tipperary 12.1
mayo 12.3
laois 12.5
offaly 12.5
galway 14.0
cork 15.0
wicklow 15.1
louth 15.6
wexford 17.1
kildare 17.1
westmeath 17.4
carlow 19.5
dublin 20.0


isn’t that rent supplement thing misleading because its gone to the councils now ?


DCC 's credit card used to book homeless families into hostels maxes out … 7-Aug2015/

A credit card, Really?


Ah mightyz, you can be sure the tax dollars are hard at work earning the best possible out come for the tax payer. Heart warming, joined up thinking in action.

Oh wait, wrong on both counts! At least they aren’t doing it with borrowed money, on top of an already huge mountain of it…

Oh. Wait.


Joe Duffy now talking to families sleeping rough in the parks in Dublin


Yes, I heard about this family on Newstalk. They are Romanian and “speak no English”. A crazy situation brought about by an open border policy. We are now actively importing homelessness and poverty from the undeveloped and underdeveloped world. I fully expect to see mini tent cities springing up around Dublin Parks soon enough…plenty of other cities around Europe are having the same problems. This is Munich: … oor-cities
Increasing numbers of migrants from eastern Europe and, since last year, of refugees from Syria and Iraq, have exacerbated the problem. Munich’s homeless, says Schlickenrieder, “used to be German; now 60% of the people we help are not.” The city was recently forced to launch an entire separate winter protection programme for migrants – such as recent arrivals from Bulgaria and Romania – who are not entitled to benefits, including a brand new homeless hostel near central station, open from November to March.
But with 8,400 refugees projected by the end of next year, Schlickenrieder reckons that in all, the city will probably need 5,000 new emergency and short-term beds over the next 18 months

“It really is,” he says, “a big problem. This is now a system under very, very severe pressure.”


The family in question here are Dubs. A mother and teenage son.
They slept close to the Gardai HQ the other night…they lost their 1 bed apt a few months ago when the Landlord announced she wanted to sell it! They were in a hotel for a while but got kicked out because the son broke the curfew rule of 10pm on 1 night! So they’ve been sleeping in A&E’s, friends places etc since then, and the other night in the park.

I’m sure there’s more to this story than we’re hearing but they sound genuine. Mother has Crohn’s disease and son just completed hi Junior Cert,

They were going all right on the radio as far as I was concerned, until someone rang in to say it was a disgrace they didn’t have a place of their own to live and that they ‘deserved it’. The young lad agreed, saying they definitely ‘deserved it’


He’s 15. Give him a break.


There’s another family mentioned in the IT today I think - parents and small three kids up around Mountjoy Square iirc. They’re from Rialto and were evicted from their place because it was being repossessed.