Rent supplement is in the crosshairs


They’re from Romania which is a bit further south of Rialto!


Right you are so.

Romania/Rialto/Rio not sure it makes much difference if there are three kids under the age of 6 forced to sleep on the streets.


Ah, the innocence of some. Do you honestly think the nationality will be disclosed in the right-on Irish Times, unless it’s a good news story!!! … 9-Aug2015/

But yes, a sad story and no kids should have to go through this


How does that happen?
I assume the rent & income was paid by the taxpayer if they have no english


We have a solution to the housing crisis and it’s…basically charity. … 48198.html


There will never be enough houses to accommodate the amount of people seeking accommodation in our green isle. With the swarm of people flowing into Europe from Africa and elsewhere it is impossible to accommodate everyone everyday so get use to it. People who whine about others sleeping on the streets etc etc better get use to the situation as it will become the norm.


‘My children have experienced things they shouldn’t’ … -1.2316401

It’s terrible that children end up in that situation but you have to wonder what this family contributes to society. From the article it looks like they have been on RAS for 4 years and there is a husband who is employed in IT (allbeit not in Ireland). Why do I bother working?


The headline is a tad on the hysterical side - “My children have experienced things they shouldn’t have”. It makes you wonder if they witnessed people drowning or being tortured or killed…but no, apparently, “they see people smoking and not working”…


Independent Councillor Damien O’Farrell from the Clontarf area just said on Joe Duffy that DCC are about to start buying houses to get the homeless of the streets and families out of hotels.
Brian Hayes MEP earlier on the Sean O’Rourke said that DCC had only drawn down part of the funding available to them from Ctrl Govt for dealing with the current crisis. He mention that there was over €10m still available to them.

So is that €10m going into buying houses over the next few months!


So homeless people will effectively be outbidding folks trying to fund the roof over their own heads. XX


Keelin Shanley had a few people on to talk about this.

Yesterday was Ronan Lyons. It was the familiar (although plausible) tale of over-regulation and planner preferences becoming minimum standards, pushing up the price for everyone, and preventing new builds from taking place. He mentioned that no lift can be shared by more than three dwellings per floor. To me this sounds absurd, I have lived in apartments where I shared with ten others and never set eyes on the neighbours once!

Today Keelin Shanley had some talking heads on from the homeless charities. I expect what these people do on the ground on a daily basis is very worthwhile and noble. But when it comes to policy their message is at best naive and at worse counter-productive. Message 1) was the inevitable call for more funding for homeless charities. Message 2) was to increase rent allowance. The obvious question about how this would push up rents for renters on moderate incomes was asked, but brushed aside. Message 3) was to tie rents to general consumer price inflation.


As it essentially is in much of the rental sector.


My lefty/anarchist friends are protesting about the housing crisis while simultaneously posting support on social media for the would-be illegal migrants in Calais and an end to direct provision. They don’t seem to see that the levels of migration we’ve seen, where one fifth of the Irish population was born overseas, has had a seriously detrimental effect on the people they’re supposed to care about, the working poor and welfare-dependent who are in competition with them for housing, jobs, school places, medical care etc. It’s cognitive dissonance on a grand scale. XX


It’s the big unmentionable as far as the political class is concerned. And it’s exactly what David McWilliams wrote about last week in the Business Post… … lass-issue
Immigration is a class issue. Immigrants by definition compete with the poorest local people in the job market, in the housing market and for access to health and schools. This is a fact. The relatively wealthy don’t have to worry about immigrants pushing up rents because, frankly, the immigrants can’t afford to live in posh areas, so they compete for housing not with the relatively wealthy, but with the relatively poor.
It’s a similar story in schools. Immigrant kids don’t, by and large, go to private schools. They go to state schools where they compete for the state’s resources with Irish citizens.
These are the facts. Immigration is a class issue, and the richer you are, the greater the luxury you have to pontificate about immigration because you are not affected – or if you are, you are affected positively.


The Irish commentariat are years behind the UK on this one, maybe a decade. They’re still in 2004 where we should celebrate vibrant diversity and the increased GDP and prosperity mass immigration brings us all and to say otherwise is racist. The Guardian is still banging that drum but the comments underneath say otherwise. If McWilliams has finally copped on, the others might follow but I don’t hold much hope - we’re not very good at learning from others’ mistakes.

Just to use a small example, it is very difficult for young Irish people to get the jobs I used to do as a student in the early '90s, I know many young people who sent hundreds of CVs and called into hundreds of places on spec but weren’t able to get a job this summer. Yet 80% of the people I see serving in bars, shops, restaurants, are not Irish. Employers prefer them because they work for low wages, don’t know or care about their rights and don’t make a fuss. This is dressed up as “employers prefer hard working immigrants to lazy natives” but it does a great disservice to those trying to make money in the real world where they’re planning to stay versus those who are prepared to live four to a room for a couple of years before going home to buy a house. It doesn’t affect affluent youngsters who can rely on the bank of mum and dad, but young people who have to earn a living as well as studying (as I and many of my friends did) are screwed. It is the great unmentionable, yes, and the hypocrisy of those who are supposed to be left-wing is particularly enraging.


One ninth (12%) according to last census.


when it come to Irish or EU passport holders the census is very arcuate

for the rest of the population its a joke


Can you recommend a better source of data?


not really no, sorry

but when the official stats and what I see in the real world differ I know which one to trust

and I do realize that its very easy to over estimate the number of immigrants in a country, we tend to see the younger more active part of the population out and about working ect, while the older retired population are a little less visible

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