Rent supplement is in the crosshairs


I believe it is morally obligatory to provide shelter for the most needy in your community (defined broadly). This should be a right. It is impossible to live any kind of normal life without the guarantee of a bed and the capacity to prepare food for yourself.

However *type *and *location *of your choice should not be a right. If you are relying on society to provide you with basic needs you have to accept restrictions. These relate to value for money as well as moral hazard.


Completely agree.


What about all those people streaming into Dublin everyday from all over Leinster? Many of these would love to live in Dublin.

The country stands for nothing. Its just a flag in the wind.



Take a man from Kerry, say, and a woman from Donegal

Move to Dublin for their respective jobs, meet get married and have children. What about access to their “support network”?

Nah - they’re expected to pay tax then pay through the nose (from their own pockets) for rents and childcare

They manage - I’m sure those without work to go to 40 hours per week could also


Mmmmnn what about the commuters or the emigrants even? And immigrants too!


Landlords will be the sole beneficiaries of a €55m bonanza in additional rent supplement, it has been claimed.


Fully agree. I like that you used shelter (home often implies house in most people’s minds). I always wondered why social housing and emergency accommodation has to be a local problem, it’s not a big country after all and could well be managed centrally: … -1.2378747


Homeless crisis: Rent allowance set to increase
Additional assistance to tackle housing emergency expected to vary by location … -1.2702073

Cha ching for landlords


Short term easy solution done for political reasons. Not sure how this is going to make more housing units available?


In theory rising rents drive increasing prices and thus improve the business case for building. I’m not saying this is a good idea.

There are quite a few underdeveloped sites around D15 would presumably get built faster if there was stable demand at >1000/mo.

The problem is that 5% gross yield on 1000/mo gives a price of 240k, but AFAIK there are no new builds in the GDA prices as low as 240k.

I guess if the new builds are better than the Tiger stuff there’s a chance that private sector renters will displace from old to new, depressing the price of the old stuff to the point where it makes sense for BTL, but the problem is that the older stuff is in mature estates many of which are quite pleasant to live in, notwithstanding the unexceptional BER ratings.


It is not even a short term solution - Rents have moved so far from SW limits as to make this initiative nothing more than a bit of politic cover for those in power.

If they don’t start building houses the problem is going to get much worse.


+1. And of course every € spent on rent allowance is one less available to build houses.


New ceiling rates and also two new areas
M4-M1 Commuter Belt Area & Wicklow M11 Commuter Towns … ounty.aspx


Leitrim up by 21%!!! The county with the most ghost estates following the bust…you couldn’t make this up if you tried.

€55m hit in a full year


So how long have we been talking about a housing crisis? And in that time what has the government done to actually increase supply? Anyone?

You’d think they wanted prices to rise FFS

In all seriousness how long does the governemnt do nothing before you think this isn’t a crisis it’s policy…


By chance was watching rte news which I rarely watch and saw some p@rick from ff taking credit for the increase.

Makes sense as a ff bailout for underwater btls at least in places like Leitrim where there’s obviously a huge shortage…

The current political setup means we could get the worst policies of all parties…

Scary times…

Edited, it was that cute hoor , willie o dea saying it was a condition of their support for fg minority government


47,113 on RS @ €253m for 2017,
17,300 on HAP @ €153m for 2017.
Of those on HAP:
Lone Parent with Children - 39%
Single/Single Sharing - 32%
Couple with Children - 25%
Couple/Couple Sharing - 4%


The Indo is finding them now

Mother - whose partner drowned last year - and five children forced to live in car outside cemetery … 80673.html



She should teach a course on Stevie Wonder Studies 101. How can you discuss housing in Ireland without

  1. Being upfront about migration over the last 15 years
    A mention of asylum seekers just doesn’t cut. There are tens of thousands of non Irish born people on the housing lists and already in accommodation. Anyone in favour of mass immigration needs to be upfront about what this means for the indigenous population. There are also hundreds of thousands of non Irish born people who never go near a housing list despite arriving with no connections. Anyone who thinks its impossible for the indigenous population to thrive without the State paying for it needs to wake up.
  2. Explain why exactly those on the list deserve “forever homes” that someone else will build for them ? Go back to first principles because in the context of point 1 the old solutions of the 1930s to 1980s are dead. You have a subset of non homeowners who enjoy tenancy rights and rental levels which are better than private tenants. Why again ?