Rent to Buy House under €30,000 Wanted Any County

Hi i am looking to buy a house for at max of around €30,000 under a rent to buy agreement, i will be pay for the house over 3 years, i can give a deposit of €6,000 and €100pw that will be €11,200 for year 1, year 2 will be the same and year 3 final payment will be made in the same form.

I will consider any county in the ROI, house must be in liveable condition and within my budget.

Carlow, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry,Kildare,Kilkenny, Laois, Leitrim, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow

Thank you


But why?

At least you’re not too area specific.

Working from home perhaps.
Looking for “The Good Life” without getting a mortgage.

in reality you are looking at counties that over built to get the best bang for buck. So this is mainly confined to the western seaboard, kerry to donegal + roscommon and longford. To be honest i dont think there are many buy to let scheme in this price bracket. At 30k though you are still looking at a shed or worse.

Surely it would be possible to pick up some house in a ghost estate, or at least it should be if the seller (probably Nama) had the wherewithal to realise this

I have yes i have had two offers at this price one a two bedroom that was far two small and a one bedroom which had no back garden, i have contacted a few estate agents and am awaiting reply from there clients

Everything is done through a solicitor, if i back out i lose my deposit, if they back out they have to give it back, the payments are set up like that to assure the seller of my commitment, i never plan to back out!! i am now looking to buy a home so i can adopt a child, that’s it in a nut shell

Sabrina, all the best with the adoption process.

And from meself - the best of luck with it all.
Keep us all posted on progress.

It’s extraordinary but apparently your adoption application is improved if you are a property owner

I have a friend who rented for 20 years and bought a house at the absolute peak of the boom so his file would advance

Now he still has no kid and massive negative equity

Good luck Sabrina

I really admire your creative approach Sabrina. You sound like someone who can get around just about any barrier. I am sure someone will want to do a deal with you. You deserve one. Just keep pressing ahead and it will happen. Fingers crossed for you on the adoption front. Keep us posted if you can.

A bit OT, but you need to be a property owner to adopt a dog from a shelter too.

Its cruel and distressing.

Just further proof of the fact that you are not a real person in Ireland unless you are considered worthy enough to be indentured by debt.

Happily that is untrue. Anyone can adopt an animal so long as they can assure the shelter that the landlord is in agreement.

You should get on to dogsaid ( “It is with regret that the Society has concerns about homing a dog to people living in rented accommodation” then.

Is owning a house the requirement or just owning a mortgage
What a joke

We’ve just had our first child and are living in rented accommodation. I feel like such a bad parent :frowning:

Best of luck Sabrina. I notice Cavan’s not on your list. Plenty of empties there too.

Perhaps I should just turn myself into the authorities. I have two rescued dogs and I live in rented posh palace. Those are a pair of lucky mutts.

What you quote below are guidelines. Rescues use common sense, unlike banks.

And like we were saying: Good luck Sabrina :slight_smile: