Rental Costs - Unreal!!





Student rent blocks appear to have been excluded from RTB, yet students are facing xx% yearly rent increases. A union is taking a test case.
“Following advice and counsel from public representatives, internal university colleagues and our own counsel we have filed a case through the RTB against Cúirt na Coiribe Galway.
The NUIG Students’ Union will represent a 2017/18 tenant who was a victim of the 18% rent increases. We hope that this will also send a strong message to other management companies of purpose built student accommodation across the country that students and their families will not stand by and allow for their education to be put at risk due to the ever increasing cost of accommodation imposed by these companies.”


Somewhere along the way exhortation and exploitation has become “normalised” in Dublin’s rental market. So often Ireland is at the top of all the wrong charts.



€1,850/mo … any interest?


You bet! :smiley:
At the moment, most pastureland is starting to look more like this. :frowning:


True enough. There was a golden labrador in the field behind the gaff this morning. It was like seeing a stalking lion camouflaged on the savannah! :smiley:


Looks like an Irish Bliss


Renovictions - whereby landlords issue notices to quit, in order to refurbish, to lease at a much higher rent


Look on the bright side, government policy is increasing the standard of rental properties.


€9,000 for a four bed in Ranelagh.


New record for HAP payment about to be set :slight_smile:


Large enough house. You could probably house up to 4 families in there (2 adults, 2 kids each - one per bedroom) in more comfort than a hotel or B&B, and save significant amounts of money?


A mere drop in the ocean of taxpayer’s money being transferred by Government to landlords and accommodation providers.


Queuing to view a €900pm 1 bed flat in Cork … 54041.html


The owner must be annoyed that only 13 photos showed the bottle of Moet.

#1017 … n-1827162/

why would you buy this for 3.5m, refurb it (doing a nice job)

then rent it out :question:


Cash purchaser chasing yield relative to a bank deposit.


because you want a house to live in when you return to Ireland but aren’t ready to come back just yet, though have the cash to buy it?


that would make sense

except i know who bought it and they are resident in ireland