Rental Costs - Unreal!!


The owner must be annoyed that only 13 photos showed the bottle of Moet.

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why would you buy this for 3.5m, refurb it (doing a nice job)

then rent it out :question:


Cash purchaser chasing yield relative to a bank deposit.


because you want a house to live in when you return to Ireland but aren’t ready to come back just yet, though have the cash to buy it?


that would make sense

except i know who bought it and they are resident in ireland


Looks like a successful student campaign
Rent caps for purpose-built student accommodation to be introduced


Only successful to some degree - it’ll slow future rent hikes.

But the rents have already skyrocketed in last 2 years… which is exactly what the lads put that loophole in there for. Job done! 8DD

Now there’s a relatively high baseline set for the next 7000 units to come online - which would have otherwise started off with rents (in the same restricted areas) of about 20% less.

This. Is. Ireland.


Tax the crap out of greedy landlords says Cork Charity boss after four drug addicts die… … 57205.html

*The head of Cork City’s Penny Dinners charity, Caitriona Twomey, has called on the Government to spend more money on frontline services in a week which saw the death of four men who used the service.

In an impassioned Facebook post that has sparked a huge online reaction, Ms Twomey said more needed to be done to help those impacted by addiction and mental health problems and to sort out the rental crisis, which has left many working people unable to afford food.

**“Greedy Landlords are destroying the Rental Market and forcing people to become Homeless ( Tax the Crap out of these landlords ) and control the Rental Market.” ***


Great idea :laughing:

Irish resident landlords need to be punished for not housing the poor and providing appropriate mental services.

Let them exit the market to make way for the new breed of professional landlord. :angry:


Her prescription might not be the correct answer. For the sake of a bit of grace, I’d suggest posters keep their sarcastic comments to themselves.

Caitriona Twomey is not an economist, she doing that work for a long time, and is articulating that something is seriously wrong from her perspective. That’s what I took for it.


So she is not an economist - she took to social media blaming an easy and popular target.

Who has failed to provide social housing, mental services, etc? Who pays her wages?



A soup kitchen founded in Victorian times is feeding the working poor. That’s some centenary … 3-Nov2015/


How much tax would be enough?
It’s pretty much 40% and over unless you’re talking about REITs.


Clearly, it’s not the solution. It’s a simple wrong answer to a much more complicated problem. There is no point in discussing it in that way.



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4k a month in Castleknock??!

1 Beechpark Close, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Pretty sure the 5th bedroom isn’t a proper bedroom



Government policy loads costs onto private landlords who in turn pass these onto renters. Why are people surprised?

Historically rents rarely increased for sitting tennents - they were marked to market when the tenant moved out. Now the majority receive a rent review each year.

Regular maintenance is deferred because landlords are encouraged to do a full refurb at the end of the tenancy.


People generally don’t join the dots because they’re not interested. Government on the other hand would (should?) be well aware of how their actions/regulations will effect the market. There isn’t a good media source in Ireland either that spells out cause and effect.

Agreed, the majority probably set a reminder to issue notification to their tenants.

Yep. Good thing the public demand government do something! :astonished:


as per other threads on this forum, the techhies are responsible for paying the ultra high rents.
i guess that wia arent part of the gang