Rental Costs - Unreal!!


I’ve had this conversation with plenty of property owners. While it is depressing how many want increasing house values, plenty don’t. This includes those who some day want to trade up, those who have kids trying to buy, and those who just don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past.


Forcing up property prices is the only policy. Nothing else matters.


why the comparison to tiger rents that were actually relatively low,

its headline grabbing nonsense


Because 2008 was the highest rents had ever been


Yes and relative to property prices they were low and that was a decade ago


And property prices were fuelled by a cheap credit boom, and we citizens guaranteed the reckless lending by banks in September 2008. Rents were fuelled by inward migration of people building houses for us to flog to each other.
Now, rents are fuelled by mortgage restrictions, huge lack of supply, and again inward migration to fuel a boom


You would advocate loosening of the mortgage restrictions?


Without doubt open market rents are expensive - however most tenants in Dublin have been protected from this reality by the introduction of the rent cap legislation. Perversely its introduction is contributing to higher rents by inducing private landlords to leave the market and thus reducing supply. A stabilization at these new levels will happen over the coming months.

However we are 14 months into the rent cap legislation. Without doubt on month 37 all tenants who benefited from rent cap protection will be faced with mark to market increases. These increases will not be captured in the current rental stats but will be felt much more widely.


No! Only pointing out where the rental demand is coming from


RTE - FF criticise FG in the Dáil over rising rents, 81% since 2010
:neutral_face: :neutral_face:


Did FF think they could have got the increase to 100%? :laughing:


All the local newspapers around the country are leading front pages with Rents At Highest Level Ever.
That must have some serious impact on voters, positive or negative
Galway City rents 30% higher than peak
Rent prices up 14.1% since last year in Louth
Short supply drives up cost of renting a home across Cork
Rental price rise of 14.8% for Limerick city
Clare Rents Hit 9 Year High
Rents rise 8.1% in Leitrim to €542
Rents rocket in Meath


Three bed flat in Merrion Street, Dublin, seeking €12k pm


What a pied a terre though. But 12k. Sort of place you’d expect the Taoiseach to have but his entire salary would go on it.(the ‘flat’ at the top of 10 Downing st. was nothing particularly special apparently)


Is this attached to the Merrion Hotel?
I think the Naughton family had a flat there (part owner? Or maybe it was the Quinns


Looks to be at side of the Merrion. On Merrion pl.
Birthplace of the Duke of Wellington. Of ‘just because one is born in a stables it does not make one a horse’ fame.


HAP accepted?


No evidence he actually said it though

Didn’t stop the Torygraph using Horace Woolington of Castleknock as a fictional letter writer to indulge their anti Irish bigotry…

This argument was hammered home in the South of England from about 1993/94 onwards, and in Ireland around 2000-02, you got away with it so long as you had lots of demand coming on tap.


I don’t normally take personal financial advice, but when I do I take it from property developers. :smiley: