Rental Costs - Unreal!!


This thread over on boards shows the current crazy rental market in Dublin … 2057851508


This has been getting some airtime on Liveline the past 2 days. It looks like student accomm was treated the same as hostel type accomm and so was exempted from the 4% rent cap…a loophole that seems to have got by everyone, except of course the lobbyists who had it inserted there in the first place.
And everyone thought all those student blocs being built in rapid time was because they could fit more in, needed no car parking spaces etc!

Good old Ireland…eat it’s own for the benefit of the wealthy. And of course the local vultures i.e. the legal profession,lobbyists, EA’s will get the crumbs from the table in setting this up … =102764178


The rates they are charging seem to guarantee that many students will come out of college heavily in debt (unless bank of mum and dad cough up)…great to know there are loads of high paying jobs for them to pay off this debt…


Identifying Rent Pressures in Your Neighbourhood:
A New Model of Irish Regional Rent Indicators

ESRI paper here



A single bed in a kitchen in Stoneybatter is being advertised for €800/month … 51308.html


Are we sure that it’s only students in the student accommodation?


Its new supply though isn’t it?

And it frees up cheaper stock elsewhere. At this stage, pretty much any news supply is a good thing.


Median price of a Dublin 1-bed apartment rental on just hit €1,600 for the first time. :frowning:



It’s funny how you don’t see those poor-me-I-bought-a-one-bed-in-2007-for-€450k stories anymore.

At a rent of €2,000 you get a gross yield of nearly 5.5% and it will easily wash its face after charges, depreciation and tax.


Sadly, I think we’ll see those stories again in 2024 for people who’ll buy 1-beds for 450k in 2019…


Rent controls have another 19 months to go - then all landlords can join the party.



mortgage of 400k at say 2.5% - 1,600 per month plus mgt fee 1000 per annum thats 20k in costs before any maintenance, agents fees etc,

2k a month is 24k gross, if you are earning over 35k a year that apartment isnt close to washing its face.


Woman evicted while collecting kids from school, court told … -1.3480373

Sounds like the landlord hasn’t been declaring any of this rent to Revenue

Sounds like she ignored his requests to increase rent on numerous occasions, and he couldn’t go to PRTB as not registered, so used force


*Average rent nationwide during the first quarter 2018 was €1,261pm.
This is €232pm more than the highest level reached in 2008.

Dublin rents are now €1875pm
This is 30% higher than 2008.*

Well done, well done. … 4-May2018/





Student rent blocks appear to have been excluded from RTB, yet students are facing xx% yearly rent increases. A union is taking a test case.
“Following advice and counsel from public representatives, internal university colleagues and our own counsel we have filed a case through the RTB against Cúirt na Coiribe Galway.
The NUIG Students’ Union will represent a 2017/18 tenant who was a victim of the 18% rent increases. We hope that this will also send a strong message to other management companies of purpose built student accommodation across the country that students and their families will not stand by and allow for their education to be put at risk due to the ever increasing cost of accommodation imposed by these companies.”


Somewhere along the way exhortation and exploitation has become “normalised” in Dublin’s rental market. So often Ireland is at the top of all the wrong charts.



€1,850/mo … any interest?


You bet! :smiley:
At the moment, most pastureland is starting to look more like this. :frowning: