Rental Costs - Unreal!!



A soup kitchen founded in Victorian times is feeding the working poor. That’s some centenary … 3-Nov2015/


How much tax would be enough?
It’s pretty much 40% and over unless you’re talking about REITs.


Clearly, it’s not the solution. It’s a simple wrong answer to a much more complicated problem. There is no point in discussing it in that way.



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4k a month in Castleknock??!

1 Beechpark Close, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Pretty sure the 5th bedroom isn’t a proper bedroom



Government policy loads costs onto private landlords who in turn pass these onto renters. Why are people surprised?

Historically rents rarely increased for sitting tennents - they were marked to market when the tenant moved out. Now the majority receive a rent review each year.

Regular maintenance is deferred because landlords are encouraged to do a full refurb at the end of the tenancy.


People generally don’t join the dots because they’re not interested. Government on the other hand would (should?) be well aware of how their actions/regulations will effect the market. There isn’t a good media source in Ireland either that spells out cause and effect.

Agreed, the majority probably set a reminder to issue notification to their tenants.

Yep. Good thing the public demand government do something! :astonished:


as per other threads on this forum, the techhies are responsible for paying the ultra high rents.
i guess that wia arent part of the gang


Most people I work with who are most impacted all say they’ll continue to vote FG/FF/Labour. Shur what’s the alternative - they’d be worse

What will it take to wean Irish people off FF/FG? How can people continue to say they’re essentially not happy with how the country has been run for 80+ years yet continue to vote for the same bloody parties?


In regards to voting, what alternatives do they have?

Lab - The cellulite on the arse cheeks of FF an FG
Sinn Fein - most would rather commit hari kari
IA - Shane Ross and that edjit from Waterford have done them great damage. They will be wiped out. To try and encourage change, I voted for the IA guy in my area Sean Canney, he resigned from the IA because of the post sharing issue.
Social Dems - Roisin and Catherine are principled and admirable individuals, we need more like them.
Greens - I want to, but they still have a stink of them, I like some of their ideas around planning.


A bit mad to blame the demand side for a supply side issue. You think they should all sleep in their offices?


Colm McCarthy in yesterday’s Sindo making the link between housing costs and our choice as voters


Excellent from Colm McCarthy as usual. He has been totally consistent throughout the Celtic tiger years, the bust and now this calamity.


Unfortunately, housing is an area where Colm does not shine. We’ve seen the failures of the free market in both directions i.e. massive overbuilding in the boom followed by a total failure to build in the past 10 years but, somehow, Colm always blames the same people: the politicians and the NIMBY locals and, boom or bust, he always proposes the same solution - rezoning. He never asks the broader questions e.g. what kind of development results in liveable communities, what is the relationship between the politicians and the builders? Why did we end up with ghost estates in Longford and why did building grind to a total halt? Yes, there are rolling acres of greenfield sites around the M50 but what would it cost to develop them properly i.e. not just access roads and sewage but schools and public transport and recreation centres? Colm is humming the builders’ tune - get the tax payer to fund everything and then clear the way for the builders to cash in.

There is a serious political issue in relying on a free market to develop our cities. The votes of home buyers vastly outnumber those of the builders but, paradoxically, our politicians are beholden to the builders. There is plenty of outrage about the egregious offenders (the Liam Lawlors, the Frank Dunlops, the crowds in the Galway Races Tent) but the systemic problem is rarely discussed and, sadly, Colm McCarthy prefers to ignore it. Ireland is an extreme example perhaps because, at least until the bust, builders and developers were deemed to be members of a rare species, “native entrepreneurs” (not rent-seekers) and, hence, worthy of special protection.


Yes, I have suggested that before. its going that way, 98% of new builds in Dublin is office space, one has to wonder where people will live.


I always take the approach of punishing those who have fucked up rather than those I think probably will

FF/FG have shown themselves either inept around housing or balls deep in trying to pump another bubble - they can go fuck themselves

Another alternative is carry on voting for the same clowns but don’t come crying to me when they do what they do best - fuck up. the irony is they’re not even trying to hide some of the shit they pull these days - they openly admit to what they’ll do if returned to power and the turkeys keep voting for Christmas


Only this evening I was looking out the DART window at the long tract of public housing between Tara St and GCD and bordered by the river to the north and thinking to myself that it will be inevitably subsumed into the tech-property complex. First to go in some shady public/private deal will be the ancient flats around Pearse St-keep an eye out for deliberate neglect to make way for the developers in 10 or 15 years time.


And no end in sight to the rises

Rents hits record-high as it’s now €274 more per month than Celtic Tiger peak
Rent has soared by €200 in some parts of Dublin in just a year … 25104.html


I thought Simon Coveney had solved this and our homeless problem like he promised back in July 2016, silly me.