Rental Costs - Unreal!!


Well done Fine Gael, the great man himself looks on with envy


UK’s Irish World

and further [*Irish government unveils its cunning plan for housing * (


Median monthly rental on a Dublin 1-bed apartment on is at a new high, and now up 50% in the three short years I’ve been tracking it. The average rent on the same apartment is up 70%.


TheJournal - Landlords and agencies have started asking people for viewing fees
** You’ve been invited to view the rental property this afternoon – that’s a €500 fee please.**


Rent paid to private landlords:
1997 €163m
2017 €3bn


The above is known as: **“Transfer of wealth”.


Exactly as intended by landlord class in FG/FF


Do accommodation costs not usually account for 30% of income? Anybody got an international comparison.



An old one

Source: … income.pdf


Super high mortgage rates, property prices and rents - yet we are mid table?


Threshold caught making stuff up to suit their agenda :slight_smile: … 5?mode=amp

All the same it was a good headline.


It’s the underlined part that’s of grave concern.


The Labour party are actually drafting legislation on the back of that false claim!


Or maybe it is the disportionate high level of disposal income in Ireland?

This in turn might explain why the government needs to takes 40% of the purchase price of a new house in taxes.


Needs :question:


Hey buying votes ain’t cheap, you need a lot of inputs to your slush fund.


The FT gives some interesting background on housing in Britain, following the formation of a London Renters Union (which seems to be a website for a small bunch of protesters.)

I’m astonished by the graph on housing completions - in the early 70s, over 400,000 dwellings a year were completed in Britain and about half were local authority. By the early 90s, the local authorities were virtually out of the game and completions fell below 200,000 p.a. . You won’t believe what happened next! :nin

Are we doomed to a pale imitation of every British failure? … 197280d3f7


This is obviously in the USA but there are so many similar themes running across ‘western’ countries for the past 20 years

Plenty of millenials with issues renting in any so called wealthy country