Rental income of €1600 per month and a sale price of€120,000

Check out this for fiction:

Attention Investors !!!
3 BEDROOM Bungalow
This House has a rental income of €1600 per month and a sale price of €120,000
giving the new buyer a yield of 13% !!! beat that!

Think this may be 1600DEM. After all, it urges us to ‘please call for fuhrer details…’

Comical,one Lego pixilized,drive by photo taken on a 5 year old Nokia phone.

Did he even slow down as he aimed the camera phone in the general direction of the property…

I really don’t think he did. :sick:

It’s more heavily photoshopped. Blue sky is obvious. Then it looks like the interior of the car has been crudely d one too. No doubt he took the snap then noticed later there were two young lads in the middle of robbing the car .

€1,600 pm = €19,200 pa = 1/3 of €57,000 pa net = €95,000 pa gross.

For 1,500 sq. ft. in Cushlawn.

Even in this madhouse of a country I can’t believe a word of that.

Its from HWP. I’ve yet to see an ad from them that included pictures from inside of a property. Most are from inside their car/van.
See viewtopic.php?f=10&t=42277&hilit=hwp for some of the problems.