Rental offer advice - spencer dock

Looking to rent a 2 bed with parking in Spencer Dock. The asking price ranges from about 1,300 - 1,600. All on daft are good quality and look pretty much the same.

What should I be paying for one of these? I reckon about 1,200 with a break clause after 6 months.

Are there any locals on here who can offer advice?


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1000 max. There are loads of places.

Break clause after 4 months. Rents are only really moving down now in a big way.

First time poster, very interested to see more answers to this one myself. I’m looking to rent a 2 bed in Custom House Square just beside Spencer doc, prices are very generally advertised at 100 + cheaper there. I’m no good at haggling (really bad) but anyway, 1200 is as low as I could get one of a suitable size (need space for 2 computer desks as we both often work from home) with 1 parking space, so 1000 would seem to be unreasonably low for Spenser Doc. Based on the pics/prices on daft I’d definitely prefer to go for a place in Spencer Doc if I could get the right one for <= 1250. does anyone know what these places are actually renting for? My experience and one post here puts the prices on daft at between 50 and 300 + over the actual.

This place has been on the market since 17th August 08 according to propertybee - there may be a deal to be had here. I’d offer them 1000pm if I were you. Nothing to lose really!

On average, 1200 - 1300.

I know someone renting a 2 bed in Spencer Dock with parking. They recently negotiated the rent down to €1300pm from €1600pm last year.

I’d say Mr A.'s estimate of €1200-1300 is as low as it goes, even for seasoned negotiators. €1000 sounds like wishful thinking, at least for now.

There are a number of 2 beds going for €1200 there right now.