Rental Shennanigans :D

Owner Occupied :

I think we should highlight this kind of thing, just how much of it is out there would be something worthwhile to gauge


A personification of the ‘reluctant landlord’ syndrome.

I could just imagine them being a joy to live with LOL
Note that it says “pets allowed” :smiley:
Would be nearly worth it to go in and pay the higher rent (even though plenty of properties in the locality cheaper who dont want to kick you out at the weekend) and bring a doggy that likes to dig :smiley: or one that loves the mud :smiley: or the kind of cat that brings dead rats to the door :smiley:

Theyre offering a cheaper rent if you only stay there 5 days as opposed to 7. Nothing wrong with that. There are a lot of people who dont like paying paying full rent when they dont use the property at weekends. Its the free market at work. More rental choices and price levels is good for the consumer.

I see your point but I do wonder does it point towards the financially stressed

fair play to them for trying something to get out of it if they are. Better than talking it up, saying there’s nothing wrong.

I don’t see anything wrong with this. A huge number of people in house shares actually go home for the weekend. This is just an owner occupier willing to accept a little less in return for finding someone who’ll leave them with the place to themselves on weekends.


Ah Now, dont be picking on the apprentice landlord, sure dont you know he/she is a product of the current society we’ve lived in over the last ten years. A place where if you didnt own more than one gaff you were a social leper and had nothing to talk about down the pub dahling at the weekend.

Isnt this what the VIs and politicians told us all to strive for? Get on the ladder quick and when calculating the mortgage repayments take into account room rental so the bank will lend you more.

How many people did this and actually intended to rent a room? Ah sure it must be great coming home to the smell of a chipper 2 nights a week and a chinese the other 2. Not to menting the hum off the professionals trainers in the bathroom.

Now thats the property ownership dream a place to cme home to (and share with a stranger) isnt that right Bertie. :laughing:

i know quite a few people who did this. people from the country come to dublin , and they rent. a lot rent in shared accom , so some will have bought and rented out the extra rooms. and why not. they all were better off doing that than renting.

wow! what kind of people have you lived with??
serious question tho, have u ever shared a gaff with people before?
or have u lived with mammy for years and then went straight into your own gaff , because the scenario you have painted is completely absurd , and definitely nowhere near my experiences ( or my mates ).

are you a celtic cub? do you think you should just go straight from mammys gaff to your dream gaff in one go?
shared accom is a way to offset your mortgage payments.
i dont see a problem with that.i have made some of my best mates thru living in shared gaffs.
i can see its not for everyone , but jeez you are way off the mark there!

For a small minority maybe, but I remember reading a lot of VI guff where the “rent a room” was being factored into the financing equation as normal feature like a deposit was in the old days. To me it’s just another weapon in the arsenal of financial trickery used to lure people into overpaying just to get on that magical ladder.

To be honest, someone who is only there five days a week is an ideal flatmate.

Sometimes people want some company, but not people in your face all the time.

Although I would be reluctant to go into owner occupied accommodation again, I have to say I would like flatmates who are not there all the time.

It’s harder to find decent flatmates lately.

This Goth boy bould get round the “no couples” no problem, by claiming his girl is in fact a pet!

Guy who goes out with his girlfriend on a leash! Jaysus!

you dont have to do it for the rest of your life.
if you are

young ish
still reasonably socialable
dont think you have reached your upper limit of friends
already living in shared accom

then renting out a room or rooms in your new gaff is a perfectly acceptable way to pay some of your mortgage off quiet easily.
i really dont see the problem.
i think a lot of people here talk about stuff they have no knowledge of.

another friend of mine bought a gaff a few years ago and was amazed that an owner would let a COMPLETE STRANGER into their house.
“pain in the bllx” , “wouldnt know what kind of freak you’d get” , “no way id have some lads in trashing the place” etc etc etc.
there was no talking to him.

now this lad never house shared or anything like that , str8 from mammy to gaff ( nothing wrong with that ).

his aunt asked him a favor 3 years ago , a friends son was moving from wales and needed a place to stay. my mate said ok for 3 months so your man could get settled.
well hes still there. so it worked out for him.

just to be clear - i agree that you shouldnt take it as a given ( circumstances change etc ) , but if you are sharing a gaff anyway , i think factoring in the extra rent is acceptable

2 Gaffs

Rent a room
As someone who works in the industry I have seen this rent a room used as an excuse to increase borrowing more often than not, I am also aware from people I know in banking that its just factored in regardless of whether its asked for or not in some banks.

Shared a gaff.
I shared a gaff for 4 years before getting my own place and it was with people who did ebverything from construction to security and teaching and the house was always full of smells from breakfast rolls to chinese after the pub.

But I think maybe you are missing the point in my sharing of gaffs statement, I enjoyed my time and made what I would hope would be some life long friends.

My point is if you have to rent a room to afford a home you are open to exploitation by the lender, the seller/auctioneer and the broker as the price may be jacked up. You may also have to pay more expensive mortgage protection and possibly buildings cover/ liability cover etc and you may also exploit your ability to borrow more than you might need, funds which if there was no bubble you might not borrow and therefore not struggle to pay and hence have to rent a room to cover your shortfall.

Jesus no wonder there was a bubble in this country.

2 gaffs Im not a celtic cub and I didnt go from mammys gaff to a dream gaff in one go. Ive probably been around longer than you and as one who works in financial services I could smell (in respect of the rent a room allowence) another way to perpetuate the then growing bubble that has begun to deflate i.e. another way for the banks to lend more money and to increase the level of stamp duty paid to the government and ensure the EAs get a little more for the higher sale and the seller makes a bit more to spend on the new gaff and the insurance company makes more etc etc and in the end the poor buyer has to pay for it with his/her privacy.

So as I hope you appreciate sharing is not a problem getting shafted is.

Browsing this boards thread reminded of this discussion, and the significant drawbacks of factoring in “rent a room” money into financing a property. I’m sure this kind of story will become increasingly common.