Rentals with different agents and prices on Daft

If you’re looking for a rental deal then shop around.

Below are some typical examples of LL’s throwing their properties at multiple agents in a see what you can get approach. :unamused:

It says something about the market and is worth following. It would be nice to track them from when they were first advertised but there’s too much work in that …

I’ve seen some shockers in the last few months though, unfortuneately not current that I can find. It can be tricky finding them, pictures if any give the game away.

Address/Link Date Rental PM AGENT

Eaton Road 20/03/08 3500 Gunne 20/03/08 3200 MTS 20/03/08 3250 Lisney

Donnybrook Castle 20/03/08 2500 Lisney 20/03/08 2750 Mannion 20/03/08 3000 Lisney

Templemore Rathgar 20/03/08 3000 Daphne L. Kaye 20/03/08 2600 DNG

Windsor road 20/03/08 3200 Lisney 20/03/08 3400 Bell

Bloyke Dalkey 20/03/08 3000 SherryFitz 20/03/08 3250 Hassetts

Of particular interest is what the place actually rents for in the end, and how long it’s been on the market. They don’t always post let agreed but if they do it’s worth noting, time date amount etc.

Military Road, Killiney, South Co. Dublin Home Locators 18K Lisney 18K Mannion 12K

Exact same property 50% higher for 2/3 agents and this has been on the market for +6 months to the best of my knowledge.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I prefer the Mannion offering !!

€18,000 PER MONTH!!!

Who the hell can afford that??

date event
20th Mar 2008

* Price changed: from '€18,000 monthly' to '€12,000 monthly'

3rd Mar 2008

* Initial entry found.

Lisney one just dropped price to 12k

Wonder has somebody been reading the 'Pin???

Maybe it was a typo and it’s really €18K per annum? Some of these letting agents just don’t be paying attention.

I think that’s the most likely scenario since it’s unfurnished ‘n’ all.

I suspect so… :laughing:

Let’s see if they change any others … :wink:

Maybe on one site but on 3 sites?

p.s. If you were been sarcastic and it has gone over my head then sorry.

In fairness if the three letting agents can’t count the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and reach the same totals, how are they expected to agree on the rent. I don’t know how someone from Lisney counted 2 or 3 bathrooms more than the others, but on that basis I wouldn’t be going round to anyone from Lisneys house for a dinner party.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This one takes the biscuit altogether. Could that be the same set of bowls ? :laughing: A job lot maybe.

Anyway it seems to be a pick your own rent offering. You can pay as much as you like !! :astonished:

Dartmouth Place 5000 DialALLet 4000 DialALLet 3500 Lowe 3500 Oconnor Shannon

Villa Maria Mews Killiney 2000 Daphne L. Kaye 2300 Coldwell Banker

I wonder if this lot will end up for sale ? Were looking for short stay corporate type stuff -

Now on with SherryFitz looking for 1 year lease tenants. Looks like there’s a good few of them:

Shrewsbury Park 3250 SherryFitz 3000 SherryFitz 3200 Naomi 3600 Webb 3400 Jan @€7k per month.
LISNEY @ €6k per month

Mannions seem to be consistently better value !

Of couse you could buy, for a cool €3.25m :open_mouth:

For a **Rental Ratio of 45 **before Stamp Duty. :open_mouth:

The world’s gone mad … @ €5500 per month - SherryFitz. @ €7000 per month - O’Keefe.

Nice gaff ! Big difference in asking rent there … :open_mouth:

Beechwood Avenue, Ranelagh

Lisney 4750pm

property bee history

date event
16th Apr 2008

* Title changed: Beechwood Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, South Dublin City - House to let
* Subtitle changed: 5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 3 bathrooms, unfurnished 

12nd Apr 2008

* Price changed: from '€5,000 monthly' to '€4,750 monthly'

5th Apr 2008

* Price changed: from '€5,500 monthly' to '€5,000 monthly'

25th Mar 2008

* Initial entry found.

J. Houlihan Property Ltd. 3975pm

Property bee history

date event
22nd May 2008

* Price changed: from '€5,250 monthly' to '€3,975 monthly'
* Subtitle changed: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, furnished or unfurnished 

1st May 2008

* Initial entry found.

Dartry Road:

Lisney €7500 per month:

Lansdowne €6500 per month: