Rented house uninhabitable - our rights?

Pipes have burst in our rented house and have had no heating or running water since last night. Landlord is doing its best to sort it out but looks like we are going to be without for at least tonight and possibly 3 or 4 nights. We have young kids so can’t go back to the house even to sleep. Do we have any rights under these circumstances? Our relationship with the landlord has always been good. Thanks in advance.

If it was us, we would first discuss the situation to the landlord and allow him to take imminent action to rectify the situation, if this failed then we would arrange for an emergency plumber to imminently re-instate the water and deduct it from the following months rent and submit the receipt.
Alternatively arrange to move into a B&B or similar while the house was rendered habitable in 3-4 days. and then deduct the B&B from the following months rent and submit a receipt.

I’m not sure of the legalities, however, something similar happened to us some years back and we were able to negotiate a rent reduction as compensation. Seemed like a victory at the time, though shortly after that the contract expired and we were told it wouldn’t be renewed so we had to move.

Your landlord is obliged by law to have insurance. I can’t find the legislation but I believe he has to find alternative accommodation until the issues are resolved.

This link is lifted from the Landlord site,sound enough advice from a Professional Management Agent-Portishead who knows his job inside out.

A friend of mine had to leave their rented accommodation because of a fire and the resulting smoke damage.

The landlord had to fork out for alternative accommodation for them while the house was fixed. The person didn’t have to pay rent during this time.

Well thanks for your help guys. We managed to resolve it amicably which is just as well for everyone. I appreciate everyone’s help though.