Renting an apartment that's for sale

Does anyone have experiences of renting an apartment that’s also on the market at the same time?
Quite a common phenomenon I’d imagine - is it something to avoid at all costs?

I’ve been looking at a 1 bed apartment in Dublin that’s up for rent around the 800-900 per month region.
Seems reasonable but the location is not ideal, it’s well and truly “County Dublin” … I’ve given up on trying to find anything decent in town :frowning:
Not prepared to pay any more than 900 as a single person on my own.

Anyway I was quite keen but now I have nightmares of EAs letting themselves in while I’m having a quiet day off work :frowning:

Anyone have experiences to share - am I better off staying at home with the folks?

TBh there is so much supply you should be able to find one that isn’t up for sale.
That would be my priority if it was a worry for you.

The flat I’ve been renting since 2004 was sold in 2006, fairly painless procedure from my point of view. The landlord would ring me a few days beforehand and arrange times for viewing, I absented myself from the place for an hour or so at those times. Then the new owners continued the lease with the exact same rent.

You’re well within your rights to refuse them entry if this happens, under tenants rights legislation your landlord (or their agent) cannot enter the premises without prior arrangement.

I’d be more worried about security of tenure if the new owners decide they want to boot you out so they can live there themselves…

It’s all down to your lease.

If you get a 12/24 month lease then the landlord cannot for any reason break it - problem is of course neither can you.

If you can possibly hold off your move till just after Xmas you will find a better deal. Now is not a good time.

If you’re going to rent a place and will have to put up with viewings, then you should be getting some concession in the rent. 800-900 doesn’t seem particularly cheap, but of course we don’t have much info as to location or condition.

Probably for a few more months. The whole rental situation is playing out slow. If you can stay at home without much inconvenience it might be an idea to do so.