Renting at the top end of the market.

Hello Everybody,

Let me start off with a bit of background information before I get to the question. My husband and i have recently moved here from Australia, which is quite a change; the problem with this is we are very unfamiliar with Dublin.
We are currently living in Portmarnock, which is nice. But my husband has recently relocated his offices to Balls Bridge.

Now to the question, how much should we be expected to pay for a top end rental property in the Southside? I have been told most properties are grossly over valued, which doesn’t help if you’re not from Dublin.

Thank you for your help.

How long is a piece of string? What kind of property are you looking for?

Have a look on for an Idea of what prices are like in south dublin. There are alot of houses to let in the south dublin area so i would expect further downward pressure in rents.

Depends. Are we talking Sandymount or Sallynoggin?

To buy, definitely. To rent, not so bad. And you’re only tied in for one year, as opposed to 40.

Well see this is one of our issues, we don’t know whats the nice areas. We are looking to spend maximum €7000.

€7000 Per year?

Forget about anything anywhere near Ballsbridge.

You can get a 4 bed Semi-D in Stillorgan for about €1500 a month.
A 2 bed apartment around ballsbridge will cost you the same or more.

You’re best bet is to check out and watch the areas you’re interest in. After a while you’ll get a feel for what is or is not good value.


Ha ha, 7000 per month.

If you haggle well, you could get yourselves a modest one bedroom apartment in Dolphins Barn or Rialto for that kind of money.

It must be a struggle for you.

At €7,000 a month you can pretty much take your pick of the best areas in Dublin. One feature of our wonderful property bubble is that there is a huge disconnect between the cost of buying and the cost of renting at the upper end.

A mortgage payment of €7,000 would get you a modest enough family house costing say €1.3m. The same in rent will get you a house that is valued at €4m+, because yields at the top end are as low as 2% or less. Paying that much rent wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in London or New York but in Dublin it is a rare occurence, therefore you get the pick of the crop. You also have room to negotiate. Take a look on and see what you can find.

^ yeah, what he said

In terms of getting value, nice flats are renting at E700 - E850 a month per bedroom, so maybe look at paying E1000 a month per bedroom to get the top end of the market?

If you can afford to spend that much, surely one of your servants can go looking for places to rent? :wink:

For that kind of money I would go into an Estate Agents office and ask him how you find out what’s available - whatever you do (after he’s recovered from his initial shock), don’t let him sell you a property

My servants are off this week :laughing:

7000 is the maximum, i would like to pay less than that. I have been looking on daft and i found a very nice property in Balls bridge but it is at 15000, do you think we would be able to negotiate it down to our price range?
Here is the property

I think you should stick with the one bedrooms in D8 love, more in your price range.

Don’t be bothering the nice people in D4 now. Out of your league. Ask your husband to get a better job.

Move closer to the coast. If you’re going to spend the kind of money you are thinking about, you may as well have a view of water. Giving ye a view on what we think are “nice” areas is a very subjective exercise. I’m quite happy living in Templeogue/Rathfarnham but I play rugby with a few Ross O’Carroll Kelly types who think it’s a slum. My advice is to take a drive some Sunday and see the areas for yourselves. As a general rule, east=“better”, west=“worse”

Is this a piss-take?

Would it be normal behaviour in Australia for someone willing to pay 11,500 AUD per month to rent a house to come looking for advice on an Internet forum?

No, I don’t think the nice people on Ailesbury road will take less than half of their advertised price.

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Oh yeah, there is a popular Australian documentary series called Kath & Kim which depicts the day to day struggles of ordinary middle class Straylians like yellowumbrella.

Sounds like a couple of Johnny’s Battlers have landed on our shores.

Inverted snobbery ain’t cool you know.

yeah, neither is trolling.

You could ignore them. If people want to spend oodles of cash to live in a premium spot, then bully for them. I’d be more concerned about folks scraping cash to put a roof over their heads at all.